The ultimate guide to apply flawless eye makeup

Eye makeup is the essential part of makeup. It can make you look like a celebrity or a joker all depending on how flawlessly you apply. It is tricky yet simple if you keep in mind few steps and tips to apply it. Before we find out how to apply it smoothly, don’t forget to check the best black Friday deals to grab amazing deals on the top-notch make-up brands.

Eye makeup varies from eye to eye and skin tones as well but in this article, we have generalized the steps so that every girl can get benefits from our research. So, here we go!

  • Selection of right brushes:

For a layman, it is alright to use one brush for the entire eye makeup. She will use one shade after another with the same brushes and thinks the makeup is done but that’s totally wrong ! There are wide range of brushes used in an eye makeup and one needs to understand the functionality of every brush to attain the results of a saloon. The brushes for eyebrows filling, for base shadow, for crease shadow, eyebrows highlighter, for eyelash line, for inner corner of eye and for eyeliner are entirely different and must be used accordingly for any kind of eye makeup. Use soft brushes and not the hard ones as it makes blending and application of shades difficult.

  • Eye primer:

It is the base of an eye makeup. Apply an eye primer on the entire eyes and blend it smoothly so that a neat look can be created.

  • Eyebrows filling:

The eye look is incomplete without the filling of eyebrows. Use the eyebrow brush and the shade same as the colour of your eyebrows hair so that it doesn’t look odd after it is applied. Mostly, dark brown is the best shade to fill the brows. First outline the shape of the brows and then start filling it from the end till the middle. Use less shade in the start of the brows and smooth out the entire brown with the brows brush.

  • Time for some eyeshadows:

You can’t create a flawless look with one shade! You need to use 3-4 shades to get a killer’s look. Apply the lighter shade(highlighter) on the crease of the eye and blend upwards. Apply the darker shade(mid-tone shade) above the crease and blend it downwards so that both shades are merged beautifully. Apply any shade darker(contour) than the base shade and blend it inwards to get a enhanced shape of eyes. At last highlight the eyebrows with the highlighter( the one , we use on our cheeks and nose). Also highlight the inner corner of eyes with a small brush to add more beauty and definition.

Apply the same shades on the lower lash line that you applied above of your eyes(excluding the shade applied on the lid) and merge the shades well. Use white or black pencil inside the lash line.

  • Eye liner and mascara

Finish your dramatic look with the application of dramatic eyeliner. Start from the inner corner of the eye and go till the end of the eye. Select the type of eyeliner as per your choice.At last, apply mascara on upper and lower eyelashes to complete your eye look.

Now finish your rest of the makeup and you are ready.Practice the eye makeup skills and create funky looks, natural looks, shimmery look and bold looks by keeping the aforementioned techniques in mind. You can also use contacts matching your hair colour to enhance your eyes beauty.

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