Liquefied petroleum gas: an attractive alternative to traditional energy sources


Petroleum gas is the energy source of the future. It provides various industries, transportation, and households with a necessary source of energy. The popularity and attention to this type of fuel, especially from major market players, is not accidental. It is a clean form of energy that helps to reduce air pollution emissions. In addition, LPG is relatively affordable and reliable. Why should you start using it? Let’s find out!

What is liquefied petroleum gas?

Liquefied petroleum gas is a propane-butane mixture that is stored in liquid form under high pressure. LPG is used as an energy source in various industries, including domestic heating, transportation, and industry. Propane and butane are specially processed to make them liquid at normal temperatures and pressures. This condensation process allows the gas to be stored and transported in liquid form compared to traditional gas pipelines.

Main areas of oil and gas use

LPG is widely used in various fields. It is used in the home for heating and cooking, in the industry as a source of energy for various production processes, and in the automotive industry as an alternative fuel for internal combustion engines. Let’s take a closer look at a few examples:

  • Domestic sector

LPG is used in thermal power plants to generate heat for heating residential buildings and commercial real estate. It is an attractive alternative to traditional energy resources due to its high efficiency and heat potential during combustion;

  • Industry

Currently, LPG is the main field of use. It is an efficient source of energy to power machinery, equipment and heating systems. It is already used in various industries, from food processing to metalworking. International industrial giants such as Toyota, ExxonMobil, and Saint-Gobain have already switched to LPG;

  • Transportation

It is a fuel for vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. It provides cleaner combustion than traditional gasoline or diesel fuel and reduces emissions of harmful substances;

  • Agriculture

LPG is used to dry crops, heat greenhouses and fuel agricultural machinery. It can fully provide the necessary energy for all processes at a large agricultural complex or private farm.

Its widespread use demonstrates its importance as a key player in the global energy market.

Advantages of using oil gas

LPG plays an important role in meeting the need for energy resources and offers clean, versatile, economical, and convenient energy sources. Let’s briefly consider the main advantages of using this type of energy:

  • Universality

We have discussed this issue in detail above;

  • Economic benefits

Liquefied petroleum gas has competitive prices and high efficiency. The high energy density of LPG leads to reduced fuel consumption, providing savings for consumers and businesses;

  • Environmental friendliness

Combustion of oil and gas releases less sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants into the air. This reduces the negative impact on the environment and improves air quality. LPG facilities will not violate regional environmental standards;

  • Convenience

LPG is easily transported and stored in portable cylinders or massive tanks. This is easier than using pipelines to deliver energy to the end user.

The economic advantages of LPG have a significant impact on operating costs and efficiency of enterprises. During the combustion of petroleum gas, the high thermal efficiency ensures that more energy is converted into heat and electricity compared to other fuel sources. Therefore, equipment running on LPG will be more productive. The purity of the fuel has a positive effect on wear and tear processes, it requires less maintenance and is less likely to require repair. The use of liquefied petroleum gas is becoming a necessary component for optimizing the operations of enterprises and increasing their efficiency.

Contact a trusted LPG supplier

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