Reasons forAir Conditioning Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC


From April to early October, Mount Pleasant, a large suburban town located in Charleston County, South Carolina a state in the United States has a tropical climate. This is from late spring all through the summer and into the middle of autumn. Temperatures can range from 76.50F (24.70C) to as high as 910F (32.80C). This makes the weather warm or hot depending on the period and it is especially so in the high summer months of June and July. You can read all about Mount Pleasant here.

For this reason, as a resident or homeowner in Mount Pleasant, you must be prepared for these hot months. What better way to do so than ensuring that your home cooling systems such as air conditioners are working efficiently.

As part of the HVAC system of a home, air conditioners help to make occupants of a building comfortable by dispelling heat and replacing such with cooler air through a cycle of refrigeration.

Depending on your choice or the kind of home you live in, air conditioners come in different models, shapes, and sizes. They include split units, central ACs, window units, hybrid, portable, as well as geothermal cooling.

Apart from their use in the home, they are practically useful in spaces such as offices, factories, schools, industries, banks, and so on. No matter where you use them, ACs like they are generally called need to be serviced and maintained occasionally depending on how often they are used. Doing this will prevent issues so that they can be available when they are needed.

When Do You Need to Repair Your AC?

There are times when your ACs need repairs. This could be due to several reasons but for whatever reason it is, you can get cooling and HVAC technicians to help you carry out these repairs. But when it has aged and it is non-functional or unrepairable, it may mean it is time to replace it.

Several issues can plague your air conditioning system causing it to require some repair. We will examine some of these issues below and see what can be done about them.

AC not Blowing Cool Air

Imagine trying to sleep on a hot afternoon or night in July and your AC is not blowing cool air. That can be very frustrating. This issue is most of the time due to a clogged or dirty filter. A dirty filter will negatively impact the way your AC functions. It may either not be cooling at all or ineffectively.

Dirty filters block the airflow of an AC and can also cause the condenser unit to freeze. Depending on usage, a filter should be cleaned or changed regularly especially if you own pets whose hairs or fur can be part of the debris clogging it.

Low or Exhausted Refrigerant

This is another common issue with air conditioning systems. An AC depends on the refrigerant to cool a space as that is what removes the humidity and heat out of a room. Therefore if it is low, used up, or leaked, the system cannot function properly in terms of cooling.

To solve the issue, the refrigerant needs to be topped up by a technician and if there are any leaks, they will be able to trace such and block them.

Leaky Ducts

A typical air conditioning system except for portable and window units has both an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Between these two, ductwork is used to carry cool air into your home and also to expel hot air. Ductwork is typically run inside walls and over time or due to the carelessness of installers or invasion of household pests, it may begin to leak. When this happens cool air might have seeped out through these holes instead of reaching its destination.

Another downside to this is that it will cause your system to overwork and this can lead to wear and tear and a higher energy bill.

Other common issues that an AC can have include unusual noise from the system, frozen evaporator coils, thermostat issues, and the likes. Whenever you notice any of these issues or that your unit is not cooling as much as it should, you should endeavor to call a cooling or HVAC technician as soon as possible. This will help to prevent damage to your unit and also to keep you and your family cool no matter how hot the weather is. You can check out Dunes Air to learn more about this.


Much like most U.S. cities and towns, Mount Pleasant has periods of hot weather. During these times, your air conditioning system needs to work efficiently to provide comfort. Ensure that it is not neglected but serviced and maintained regularly and when in need of repair, it is advisable to do so on time. All you need do is reach out to a technician and you can enjoy your days even in the summer.




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