3 ways to safely care for your commercial coffee machine

Coffee is a large part of many lives, whether you may know it or not! Whether it’s when you’re sipping on your morning coffee or having a quick coffee break after a meeting, drinking and enjoying coffee is a routine for many. With the assistance of a commercial coffee machine, thousands of us are able to create our favorite morning coffee without hesitation.

While the commercial coffee machine remains to be a national favorite for many coffee lovers, it is important to care for your machine safely. Many of us who use a commercial coffee machine at work, or in the retail space may find that we do not know how to properly care for it. There are many components of safety to consider when caring for a commercial coffee machine, which is why we have put together our top 3 ways to safely care for your commercial coffee machine.

Cleaning of your commercial coffee machine

The first way to ensure you are caring for your commercial coffee machine efficiently is to ensure you are cleaning it frequently. Despite using these machine parts on a consistent basis, we may find ourselves subconsciously forgetting about the role of the water container, and regular cleaning of it. Frequent cleaning of your water container or filter box will help reduce bacteria growing and spreading through your commercial coffee machine.

Descaling your commercial coffee machine to rid it of any limescale is also an important factor to avoid a build-up of limescale.

Turn off your machine when not in use

If you are not using your commercial coffee machine for a longer period of time (overnight), it is advised that you keep your machine off. Both the cooling and heating process of your commercial coffee machine tends to be gradual. Although, keeping your commercial coffee machine switched on all the time, especially when not being used, can lead to a reduction in the overall lifecycle of your machine’s electrical parts such as the motors and signal lights etc.

Do not use your commercial coffee machine for anything else

You may find that using your commercial coffee machine for boiling water or steaming something is rather tempting. In fact, using your commercial coffee machine for other purposes, aside from making coffee or other beverages, may seem innocent enough. However, it is highly recommended to avoid doing so. Using the product for its sole purpose can ensure there is no reduction in the overall life span of your machine and allows you to avoid any unintentional damage occurring.


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