Agile Project Management Method To Maximise Project Success

The concept of working from home has brought about multiple changes in the corporate sector. Certain regulations  need not be as rigidly followed while working from home. Integrity and quality should be of prime focus.

However, project managers need to plan out their projects accurately. In this context, the Agile method of technology has proved its worth. The project managers have understood how to tackle different projects from the comfort zone of home. So, we need to form a clear idea about the Agile method.

Changing According Project Requirements

Managing a product properly is of vital importance during the transitional phase. Since the times are uncertain, the projects need to be tackled sensitively. People are transitioning their workplace from the office to home. So, they need to properly plan out how to transition. This transitional phase is the most difficult, because of the disparity in the environment.  It will take time for the home ambience to replicate the home environment. Project management becomes doubly important at this critical juncture.

Veteran project managers predicted that working from home will be the way to go in future. However, work from home is going to be diametrically opposite to working from the office. Hence, project management is an integral part of the transition process from office to home.  The employees will inevitably face some he factors of project management during the transition phase are as follows:

Communication: The key responsibility of a project manager involves communicating the future course of events, to the team members. Clear communication sets the milestones regarding the future course of events It also helps the employees plan out their future course of action and how they will tackle the work.

Creating framework: The project managers have to create a particular framework about their future course of action, to deal with immediate difficulties. Had the staff been reporting to the office, it would have been easy to deal with the emergency immediately. However, tackling a critical situation from home may become challenging. The employees need to connect over video calls or phone to discuss a strategically effective framework. This framework should inculcate a sense of security among the employees.
Setting up the staff to work from home is a part of the framework. It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that the staff has enough equipment to work.

Agile working methods:

The Agile method is appropriate for the transitional phase. It is a result-oriented approach towards software development. This flexible method strives for continuous improvement in quality. It applies tools like Scrum for the improvement Agile working method allows people to practise self-organization within a short period. People working from home need to get themselves organized for work.

The Agile method trusts employees (the entire team including the project manager) to work in tandem with the customers. As a result, they understand the goals and provide solutions at a faster speed.

The teams who follow the Agile technology understand the goals they need to fulfil. Then, they create a path to reach the goals.
The responsibility of meeting the goals doesn’t rest only upon the project manager. The project manager has to communicate with the team members, as many times as required, to meet the goals.

In this method, all the team members (accompanied by the project manager) collaborate with each other, during each phase of development. They may meet face-to-face or through video calls at each phase. So, they don’t need to wait until the development phase to understand whether something is amiss.
The Agile working method is based on a few principles. They are as follows:

  • Keeping the client satisfied
  • Gracefully accepting the required changes to give a competitive edge to the service
  • Providing a suitable working environment to motivated people
  • Encouraging collaboration between project managers as well as  employees

Scrum is the most common example of Agile methodology.

  • The project managers implement a strategy of “Assess, adapt and anticipate” at every phase.
  • Short-term milestones are set up. The strategy is broken up over a smaller period of time-such as biweekly cycles

Prince2 and Training and Development

Pince 2 has experience of over thirty years in. A course on managing products happens to be beneficial for managers.  It inculcates the basic principles of a successful project manager amongst all the employees.

Now, project managers are able to respond to unexpected situations. This organization helps them figure out how to manage a dynamic situation.

An experience in project management helps people understand the consequences of a decision and the steps to mitigate it. Unexpected situations may crop up, but trained people may understand how to respond spontaneously.

It is an achievement to work for Prince2 the organization trains people to be successful project managers in future. They can rest assured that Working from home doesn’t dim their skills.

So, let us find out how Prince 2 contributes to training and development. This organization helps the project managers and other employees understand how to manage time. and do smart work.

Prince 2 depends upon product-based planning which in turn concentrates upon quality. It points out the methods of  the IT strategy of the organization.
Prince 2 has made it clear that managing a project becomes simpler when its benefits are understood. The focus of any project needs to be on quality. Inferior quality projects raise questions on the credibility of the project manager.

Project managers may participate in different forums and share their viewpoint on matters at hand. Multiple project management forums have groups in social media where aspiring project managers may join. They gather knowledge through the forums. They may ask anything from each other and offer advice in return.


The project managers have a difficult task at hand. They need to plan their work according to their project at hand. Agile technology contributes to a great extent to project management.

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