ENT Specialists Demystified – Things You Should Know

Do you know the critical categories of doctors in Singapore?

ENT Clinics

Conditions that commonly affect the ear infections, unintentional wounds, or congenital conditions. You might not have known, but structures in the ear control your sense of balance, and abnormal conditions might also lead to dizzy spells and occasional vertigo.

If you have experienced any of the conditions above, you will likely need to see an ENT doctor or specialist (https://entspecialistsingapore.com). ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat, which means that ENT doctors are specially trained to manage and treat conditions relating to those three parts of the human body.

People who have ear conditions, such as hearing loss, difficulties in balancing, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), ear pain and ear infections, should visit an ENT specialist. ENT specialists can also deal with various conditions that affect the nose, sinuses, and nasal cavity, such as difficulties in breathing or smelling. They can also manage and treat throat problems, such as speech impediments, eating disorders and difficulties in swallowing.

ENT specialists can further specialize into various subspecialties, such as:

  • otology, neurotology or audiology – which specializes in dealing with conditions of the ear, such as hearing or balance problems
  • pediatric otolaryngology – deals with ENT problems in children
  • laryngology – a specialization on conditions of the throat, such as speech and swallowing problems
  • rhinology – specializing on the treatment of conditions that affect the nose and sinus cavity
  • allergy – specializes in treating and managing allergic diseases that affect the nose and sinuses
  • head and neck surgery – deals with the surgical removal of tumors located on the head and neck
  • facial plastic and reconstructive surgery – deals with reconstructing or reshaping the nose for medical or cosmetic reasons
  • somnology – specializes in the management and treatment of various sleep disorders, such as sleepwalking, snoring and insomnia, which are often caused by ENT problems

ENT Specialists in Lion City, Singapore, are certified surgeons. They perform surgery procedures for the regions within & around the portions of the ENT, applying improvements and righting structural deformities or disposing of abnormal lumps such as malignant tumours. Occasionally, since the ear, nose and throat areas comprise of the facial regions substantially, the surgery might introduce improvements to the person’s overall looks at the same time. A common example of a surgical procedure which may cover both these needs concurrently is rhinoplasty.


When you have reason to think you are developing an eye disorder, you’ll want to set a meeting with an eye physician in sunny Singapore. Ophthalmologists can treat many eye issues, even if they can be risky or less so. Considering the astonishingly common optical ailments for example, myopia and astigmatism, to eye disorders of a more dangerous quality that are left untreated, can possibly lead to permanent loss of vision, like age-related macular degeneration. Be sure to consult your eye medical practitioner if you feel unsure about the development you felt in your seeing ability of late. Detecting eye problems early can salvage not only your sight and quality of life but may also largely reduce treatment costs.

The likelihood of getting cataracts gets higher with increasing age. When cataracts occur, your vision starts getting blurred and sight weakens. There is only one long lasting remedy for cataracts, and that will need surgery. There exist 2 main methodologies for cataract surgical procedures in Singapore, traditional or bladeless. Decisions on whether a patient is suitable for a chosen procedure type can only be advised by veteran eye specialists.

Research has estimated about 80% Singaporeans will require cataract surgery sometime during their lives. The most prevalent reason for the development of cataracts is advancing age, though injury or trauma to the eye from other surgical procedures have also been attributed as causes for the development of cataracts as well. If cataracts are not treated, the clouded lens leads to symptoms like hazy sight, sensitivity to light and diplopia (in layman terms, double vision). Today, the only treatment proven effective to remedy cataracts permanently is via lens replacement surgery.

Earlier awareness of eye health conditions is able to lower damage to your vision. Trying to keep a routine eye examination plan with your eye specialist is able to enable you to avoid the demand for surgical procedures and reduce costs in the long term.

Men’s and Sexual Test Clinics

Male and women’s health clinics serve a somewhat different demographic than the usual neighbourhood doctors. These unique physicians are ready to treat a variety of intimate diseases and give a selection of correlated check-ups and examinations which usually many doctors might not be acquainted with. Every one of the screenings you experience about sexual health are greatly confidential. The attending staff and doctor really should be very aware of this as well as make certain these files should not be shown to others.

HIV assessments are performed by a health care provider using a HIV examination kit. The examination process will also call for the drawing of the person’s blood test. If you’re lucky, you may get your final results within 15 minutes, relieving you from suffering the stress and anxiety of having a testing period. HIV and also STD assessments are fairly cost-effective in Garden City, charges often stay inside of just a few hundred dollars. These clinics also provide distinct treatments formulated specifically for either gender.

Most of the solutions for males are related to their virility as well as capabilities in bed, which in turn could decline when they develop older. Erectile dysfunction ED is particularly prevalent in Singapore in which we have a maturing population. The common solution in cases like this are doctor prescribed oral medicinal drugs. Nowadays, non-oral treatment options for erectile dysfunction including shockwave therapy are now available.

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