Instagram changes the course of history

From its launch in 2010, Instagram has had a more positive impact on history than negative results. In comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram’s growth to over 1 billion monthly users is a sign that that social media platform has come to stay.

Most of its users spend at least fifty-three minutes on Instagram. It’s easy to believe this fact because it takes a lot of discipline to spend less than fifty-three minutes on Instagram. This is because of the engaging content that is ever-present on Instagram feeds.

These posts range from pictures of new fashion trends, pictures for travel ideas, funny and scary videos. Instagram has indeed had a lot of impacts on the world at large and some of those impacts will be briefly listed in this article.

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How did Instagram change history?

  1. A broader definition of beauty: before Instagram came into existence, the world had a narrow definition of what beauty is. Its impact on the meaning of beauty can be graded in a positive and negative aspect. On the positive aspect, the coming of Instagram has improved plastic surgery. Plastic surgery was once an activity that was not morally accepted in the world, but the arrival of Instagram changed a lot of things. Because of the self-comparison people have with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her likes, plastic surgery has been on a constant rise. Everyone now wants to be like these perfectly beautiful celebrities, and a little tuck, lift or Botox can do the job correctly.

Instagram started all this attention to beauty when they introduced their “Plastica” and “Fix Me” stickers. These stickers gave a clear picture of what one’s face will look like if a doctor were to work on it. Do you know how a plastic surgeon takes a picture of a patient, and on a computer, with lines, shows the patient the work that would be done on his or her face and how his or her face would look like after the surgery? Well, that was precisely what those Instagram stickers could do. When those stickers were launched, some celebrities used it to fine-tune their faces while others who could afford plastic surgeries, went and did up their faces.

It was already too late when Instagram realized the harm their sticker was having on before they took them down. Now, plastic surgery is no longer seen as a sign of low self-esteem; it is what is trending, especially amongst females. After all, nobody wants to be left out in the real-life beauty competition. This also means more patients, money, and fame for plastic surgeons.

On the negative aspect, the esteem, and self-confidence of Instagram users who are not able to afford plastic surgery were reduced. Thankfully that large importance that was once placed on unrealistic beauty is reducing as people are now preaching to “free the pimples and acne”. People are gradually learning to be proud of the face and skin that they were born with.

  1. Travel inspiration: the coming of Instagram has primarily influenced the travel industry. Gone are the days when tourists go on adventures based on hearsay. Gone, also, are the days when the edited pictures of a location that are posted by the location owner on google, mislead tourists. With the invention of Instagram, tourists can now get an insider view of a place from other tourists. Nowadays, before most people travel, they type the location they want to go to, on Instagram, and pictures and reviews about that place will pop up. These pictures were majorly taken by fellow tourists who have visited that particular location or those that are still on vacation in that location.
  2. New food trends and recipes: the global connection that Instagram brought, made it easy for chefs and food enthusiasts from all over the world to share their skills and recipes.
  3. Advertising and marketing platform: the art of placing adverts is gradually shifting from televisions, radios, and billboards to social media platforms, especially Instagram. The influencer industry saw a positive boom when Instagram came into play and has since expanded to different niches.

How Hashtags can influence the spread of word on Instagram.

The tactics that most organic Instagram growth services use in growing an Instagram account is by using hashtags. The primary work of hashtags on Instagram is to spread a post to a lot of audiences. For instance, if you have an Instagram that reviews books, and you don’t have a lot of Instagram followers. If you use hashtags related to your niche, your upload will appear in that hashtag. Therefore, if interested visitors search through that hashtag, they will find your content and perhaps patronize you if you have a brand.

Hashtags are also an effortless and cheap way of getting followers. If your content is good, of course, visitors that find you might decide to follow your Instagram account. However, you are advised not to use hashtags that are too popular so that your content will not be lost in the noisy environment. Let’s use that same novel review Instagram account as an example. While uploading a post, a novel review Instagram account should not use hashtags like #novels. This hashtag has more than fifty thousand posts, and It will be difficult for your voice to be heard if you are new to the business. Instead, hashtags like #newnovels or #novelsthatwerepublishedinMay or #novelsfortoday should be used.

One more thing about Instagram hashtags. Although hashtags will expose your content to a broader audience, you are advised not to put more than seven hashtags in your post. It’s simple to understand. Just like too many spices can spoil the taste of food, no spices will make it uneatable, only spices put adequately is the best for food. So, is the use of hashtags.

Can you make a difference by having more followers?

Why do you think every Instagram owner wants to grow their followers? Why do you think most people are given jobs to promote goods and brands because they have a large number of followers? It’s because, the more your followers, the higher the possibility that you can make a difference.

It is assumed that in every ten followers, one person will be the active participant. Therefore, if you want one thousand active followers, then you have to have at least ten thousand followers. Getting followers is very easy on Instagram; the invention of organic Instagram services made this easy. If you are skeptical about trusting an agency with your account, you can ask for the “grow Instagram followers free trial.”

In conclusion, having a lot of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms will ensure that a broad audience hears you, and of course, ten percent of them will actively participate in your course. In summary, the higher the number of followers, the higher the rate of engagement.

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