Details of The Display Mannequin Could Affect Your Sales

The mannequin body has long been used as an essential tool for a window display in shops, and the display method and purpose has gone through a tremendous shift. In the past, a display mannequin is used for showing the most brilliant clothes in a shop, while in recent years the display mannequin should reveal the style and even the positioning of the brand.

You may have read various articles teaching you how to perfect the display, but do you know that what affects the whole display vitally is actually the details of a plastic mannequin? How could it be? I will show you the reason in the following part. And before we begin, I would like you to know the details here mainly point to the facial expressions, the gestures, the environment, and even the style of a display mannequin.

Why details matter?

Firstly, it’s a way to vivify the mannequin body. The mannequin in the previous time was without facial expression and seemed a little bit stiff, and that’s why some kids are afraid of the mannequin body when they are too young. Focus on those details could actually make the mannequin more like a true man or woman, making it closer to life.

Secondly, details determine the coordination. Still, thinking the mannequin is too wired sometimes? It may probably due to the lack of lively emotions and changeable gestures, making it fake at sight. Those details could help the whole body look more coordinated.

Thirdly, it may fit your shop style more. If you make full use of the mannequin, it could not only be a display but also a representative of your shop and reveal the unique selling point. This could make the passers-by get the brand features at first sight.

Last but not least, it could be a perfect chance to show your various products. Some shops may sell not only clothes but also bags, jewelry, etc. Making full use of the mannequin and focusing on details can help you display those goods coordinately on the mannequin body.

How to perfect the details?

After talking about its benefits, it’s more important for us to know how to do it. Some elements will be worth your notice.

1/ Facial Expression

After years of using headless or abstract facial expression mannequins in clothing stores, many stores are now returning to make elaborate and concrete body mannequins, such as the ones with multiple facial expressions, the ones with makeup and wigs, as well as the eyes, lips and even fine nails, which can stand out and show the shop’s products. For example, Chanel has used some mannequins with makeup to exhibit their cosmetics better.

2/ Gesture

To make the mannequin closer to life, you could not merely set it to stand straight. Instead, there are body mannequins inspired by the way people pose in real life, such as putting their hands in their pockets or crossing their hands in front of the breast, which creates a sense of real life.

3/ Environment

Despite the mannequin itself, you should also pay attention to the scene they are set in- how they can go with each other. For example, if the body mannequin holds characteristics of elegance, you could change the environment around her to form an atmosphere of quietness and peace, strengthening the feeling you want to create.

4/ Style

You should not only think of the mannequin-style that matches your shop style but also try to get track of the trend! For example, the body mannequin of robots has led the display trend nowadays, which is a reaction to the current development. Some mannequins with technology style are something you could give a try.

Choose an excellent mannequin

An essential thing to gain success in the display is to make the right choice of display mannequin. Based on the tips we listed above, a mannequin should be convenient to change its facial expression and flexible in moving and shifting the gesture. One more important thing you can’t miss is the durability of the mannequin. You will not expect to change your mannequin that often because of its short life span. A famous body mannequin brand called Posh Concept could perfectly meet all the requirements, who is proficient in customized mannequin design and producing high-quality and long-life span mannequin. Besides, it’s the only manufacturer to produce PC mannequin model, an eco-friendly model leading the future trend.

It’s the right time for you to rethink your display of the body mannequin, and if you want to get started, Posh Concept is a brand highly recommended.

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