How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost Around the World?


Hair transplant is getting more and more popular procedure with people across the world. Over 600,000 men and women return the confidence and youth to themselves annually by having this operation. Just think over of this figure — about 2,000 patients do hair transplants EVERY DAY!

We have prepared a short comparison of prices basing on Bookimed data, an international platform for medical tourism. Check out the prices, and, maybe, you will become the next one who will resolve to do a hair transplant and change lives forever.


Turkey has all chances to become the world’s capital of hair transplant. You may ask, ‘Why?’, and here is the answer.

For a recent decade, the level of medicine in Turkey has achieved the world’s class due to the huge investments of the local government. Thus, a lot of Turkish clinics provide medical services according to the strict international standards, while prices remain low in comparison with the USA, Canada, and Europe. As a result, a stream of medical tourists starts choosing Turkey for treatment and cosmetic operations like hair transplant.

How much do hair transplants cost in Turkey? Here you can find prices from $1,500. And this cost covers not a tiny area for hair transplant, but:

  • the maximum amount of grafts
  • doctor’s consultation
  • accommodation
  • transfer
  • language assistance.

Turkish clinics are client-oriented, so they do the best to make patients satisfied.


One more country, where you can get a hair transplant at a reasonable price, is India. Here you can find experienced doctors who will manage the procedure at the highest level.

However, plastic surgery in India is less developed than in Turkey, for instance. So, you need to make some efforts to find a good clinic and a specialist. The great benefit of India is that majority of the population speaks English, and you won’t feel the language barrier during the stay. Patients from the UK, USA, UAE, Malaysia often choose India for hair transplant.

The hair transplantation in India will cost you approximately $1,000-$2,000. But be ready that not every Indian clinic includes expenses for transfer, admission, and accommodation in the price. So, you always specify what the offer covers in each case to estimate your budget.


The UAE is also among places where you can affordable but qualitative hair transplants. The plastic surgery clinics here apply only the latest technologies, and local doctors practice in the best medical centers to promote their skills and receive new knowledge.

The cost of hair transplant in the UAE is starting from $1,300. However, note that this price is pointed only for a minimum number of grafts for hair transplant. Moreover, you need to pay for accommodation, admission, and transfer additionally. It can hit your wallet hard. So, if you need to transplant a lot of hairs and are not ready to pay much money, it is better to pay attention to offers in Turkey or India.


Poland may be a perfect option who are looking for an affordable hair transplant in Europe. The local clinics work under strict control and comply with all medical standards. Moreover, Poland is very easy to reach from any country of the European Union — the flight time is short and round-trip by plane will cost you around $40-50.

Poland offers much lower prices for hair transplants compared to Switzerland or Spain — $4,500 vs. $9,000 on average. The price is 2 times lower that allows you to save money for two unforgettable vacations.

If you need to do a robotic hair transplant in Poland, the price will be higher — about $6,600.

Polish clinics usually do not include transfer and accommodation in the price, so you will pay these services additionally.

South Korea

South Korea is a leading country for plastic surgery in the world — over 1,000,000 operations are performed here annually. This is not a surprise. Esthetic surgeries are so common here that parents even present them to their grown-up children at Birthdays.

Hair transplant is not an exception, it is also very popular with local and international patients. The success rate of hair transplant in South Korea is one of the highest in the world — up to 98%.

The price level in Korean clinics can be considered as a medium one. The cost of hair transplant here starts from $3,500 and depends on many factors as:

  • the number of grafts
  • price for accommodation, transfer, and language assistance.

Only a doctor can calculate the exact price depending on your case.

As you see, the cost of hair transplant depends on the country significantly. You can receive the same procedure at an absolutely different price — up to 5 times lower or higher. So, choose the place for the hair transplant according to your individual preferences and financial ability. But also remember about safety — always read reviews on a clinic and a doctor, request “before and after photos” to be sure of the successful hair transplant outcome.




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