5 Types of CCTV Cameras You Must Know About Before Making a Purchase


Depending on different features like where you want to place your camera? What kind of picture quality do you want? And what features you would like? There are different cameras on the market. With the increase in security awareness, people want to know about the types of cameras in the markets so they can make an informed decision before they go to the store. Here mentioned below are a few types of CCTV cameras that you should know about so you can have a better idea of what will suit your security needs.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

The first choice that you have to make is regarding where you want to place your camera. Where do you think that your house or office needs additional security? Do you want to keep an eye on the nanny or the kids? Or do you want to make sure no one enters your property without you knowing? Depending on the answers to these questions, you’ll have to make the first decision.

Indoor and outdoor home security cameras have their own specifications. There are some multi-purpose cameras on the market that can be used in both places. Depending on where you want to use the camera, you can cut back on certain features and save some money. While you need a high-resolution camera for outdoor security, you can go for a low-resolution camera for the indoors. You can also cut back on expenses for features such as two-way audio systems. If you want to communicate with someone in the house, you can call them; an additional communication feature isn’t a necessity.

While some say, it can act as a deterrent if someone manages to get inside, as you can make them think that the house isn’t empty. I think they need a reality check; life isn’t a Home Alone movie. If someone manages to get inside, you need to call the authorities.

  • Wireless and Wired Cameras

The next thing that you should ask yourself is, what do you want, a wired camera or a wireless camera? Wired cameras tend to cost more due to the wiring, but they are more reliable as compared to wireless cameras. Since wired cameras are directly connected to the necessary equipment, it makes it difficult for anyone to sabotage it using technology.

However, if the power goes out, you will need a backup generator to keep the cameras running. Wireless cameras are ideal for the indoors. While they are wireless outdoor models, you should make your decision carefully as they can be sabotaged at times. Wired cameras are better for vast spaces, for example, big houses or outdoor security for companies. The best example of outdoor cameras is the Chicago security cameras you see on your way to work, not only are they efficient but they also work as deterrents.

  • Day/Night Camera and Infrared Cameras

Another choice that you have to make is whether you want a day/night camera or an infrared camera. While both cameras can see in limited light, there is a difference in both, in fact, the IR camera can create IR light on its own. However, you shouldn’t make your choice based on this fact alone.

The day/night camera has a high focal range, while an IR camera only has a limited range. In order to make a favorable decision, you need to be sure of where you want to place your camera.

  • Varifocal Cameras or PTZ Cameras

Another decision that you have to make is whether you want a camera that only has a zoom in and out feature, or do you want a camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom. The varifocal camera can zoom on its own if it detects motion near the virtual tripwire. The PTZ camera; however, requires a security person to be in charge and move the device according to their need.

 A varifocal camera can be used at offices and your home, while the PTZ camera is more suited for offices where one can have someone watching over the place. Some models can be programmed to move, but that can result in blind spots that can be taken advantage of.

  • Discreet Cameras or Deterrent Cameras

Once you’ve narrowed down the options mentioned above, you now need to think about whether you need a camera that can be used as a deterrent or a discreet camera. You can use both if you think your place is at a higher risk. You can use bullet cameras at the main entrances so that nobody tries to get inside, as they’ll know that the place is under surveillance.

However, if they do manage to get in, you should have a discreet camera so you can catch the criminals later on. While some may argue that security cameras can’t stop crime at the moment and therefore, are a waste of money, I believe it’s better to have a fighting chance at catching the culprits rather than letting them be in the world just because we can’t catch them in action.

The types of camera mentioned above have their pros and cons, remember that one type of camera cannot be perfect for everyone. You need to keep your preferences in mind before making the final decision. You should look into the features that each type of camera has to offer along with its price range. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to three possible cameras, you should make a list of the pros and cons of each option and then choose whatever you like best.

Once you’ve decided which camera you’re going to buy, remember to take professional advice and professional opinion into consideration. Although some models are easy to install, it is better if you let the professionals do their job in order to ensure the viability of your investment.

I hope the above-mentioned information will help you make your decision. If you have any queries, feel free to mention them in the comments below.




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