Cacao Bliss Nutrition Facts

With every passing moment, people are getting conscious of the Cacao Bliss Nutrition Benefits.The nutrients-packed natural super food has the approval of all medical researches on its contents. There is evidence that this natural food has been the essential part of healthy drinks and food in the ancient cultures. Today, the popularity of this amazing and unique plant-based food is best manifested by the fact that every pharmacy and the superstore have Cacao Bliss products on their shelves. This shows the confidence of the lots of people on its effectiveness.

What nutrients it stores for you!

The Raw Cacao is the original form of the food as it appears in nature. It is a super food with multiple benefits to your mental and physical health. It is the major part of all white and dark chocolates but with the addition of sugar, fats, dairy and the preservatives that have adverse impact on the people which consume commonly available chocolates. Moreover, the process involved making chocolate also deprive the end products with the nutrients its major component possesses. The most important process is the fermentation of the beans that being so artificial (by heating the beans at 118°F/48°C and above) and helped by chemicals that it ruins the natural healing features of this heavenly food.

The Raw Cacao Bliss is developed with the consciousness of preserving all that natural efficacy of the beans that make them so unique. Therefore natural way of fermentation is adopted where the beans are processed without roasting. Later, other ingredients are also added to it that are marginally processed and heated.

This being said, now we proceed towards the nutrients with which this super food is endowed with. The researchers agree that Cacao is the best source of high levels of polyphenols, whose antioxidant properties are celebrated. These are the rare compounds that save our body from cell damage and save it from fatigue and aging. The anti-inflammatory properties of this super food save us from developing one of the most dangerous health problems – diabetes. This alone is an unprecedented advantage of eating this most beneficial food.

This healthiest food is also a storehouse of a rich blend of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, and manganese. It also contains stimulants such as caffeine and the obromine; hence, it also works an energy booster and mood enhancer with quick results. Particularly the obromine is also helpful in curing the chronic cough and has also a healthy impact on normalizing the blood pressure.

As it is an old saying that “Excess of everything is bad,” similarly over-consumption of this super food may not be so healthful and can cause some medical issues of serious nature. The best use of this fantastic super food comes in variety of products that examined and approved by the concerned authorities. You can develop your own customized Bliss cookies, spreads, cakes and smoothies using Cacao powder as the basic ingredients with other natural foods and enjoy healthy desserts far more effective and healthful than ordinary chocolates.

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