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A right vacuum cleaner is the need of every house and while choosing it one should consider the need for cleaning. However, upright and cylinders are two vacuum cleaners that are popular in the market. Upright cleaners have a brush that takes out the dirt from the surface which is then sucked up by the machine. You can even use them on bare floors or carpet. The latest upright cleaners like Dyson Total clean vacuum has more advanced tool attachments. So, it is an ideal and top choice for a big house.

On the other hand, cylinders are good for stairs due to their compact and small size. You can even use it on the surface where other cleaners don’t reach easily such as corners and carpet’s edge. However, they are not as effective as upright cleaners. So, if you want to make a worthy investment in a useful cleaning tool then prefer Dyson Total Clean vacuum.

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner is not easy because you may not know every term that helps you get the best one. Here, we will describe the features of upright cleaners that are worth getting.

Brush roll with on/off switch

The best feature of upright cleaner is a brush roll that works well on carpet but it is not good for rugs and floors. The turn off feature ensures that vacuum cleaner can be used on other surfaces as well without compromising usability. More upright cleaners like Dyson Clean vacuum have such a feature.

Retractable cord

A full-sized cleaner may not have this option but commonly small-sized cleaners have it. A retractable cord is useful for those who hate rolling up the cable after the work is over. However, some cleaners with this option have shorter cord than others which limits their usability. The Dyson vacuum has a power cord of 35 feet or 10.7 m which is long enough to use.

Electric hose

Both air and electric-powered hose are available but later one is more powerful. The electric hose offers power to other attachments that make cleaning more effective and useful.

Telescoping wand

You may require using cleaner to farthest end without moving and a telescoping wand is thus a useful feature to look at. It will add length to the cleaner so that you can clean surfaces such as drapes, ceiling fans, ceilings, and windows. Dyson Total Clean vacuum offer this feature as well.

Dusting brush

A dusting brush is good to clean surfaces that are hard and even on delicate areas and upholstery. Their bristles are set at an angle thus they clean the surfaces with force and help the hose collect the dust.

An upholstery tool

To clean curtains, windows, drapes, mattresses, upholstery, and another surface your vacuum should have an upholstery tool. They will clean even the sturdy upholstery well. However, they don’t have bristles like brush do have but the textured edges allow easy cleaning and movement of the tool on the surface.

Power setting

Dyson Total Clean vacuum has power setting options so that you can set the cleaner at the desired power option depending upon the area being cleaned. More power is required to clean the hard surfaces whereas to clean delicate surfaces less power is sufficient. A vacuum cleaner is for convenience and having a customizing option makes it more convenient.

These features will only make the cleaning easy but few accessories along with it make it super easy. However, some accessories are simply the complex addition that may be visually appealing but have no functional advantage. Dyson Total Clean vacuum cleaner comes with various accessories. These additions, however, increase its efficiency.

Accessories in Dyson Total Clean vacuum

Combination tool

It is a two one tool as you can use it both as a dusting brush and a crevice tool. For cleaning corners, gaps, edges and other narrow areas crevice tool is good. On another hand, a dusting brush is ideal for cleaning the fine dust particles that are otherwise not possible with the broom.

Stair tool

This is good to have when cleaning areas like sofas, stairs, furniture, carpets, and other similar surfaces. Moreover, you can use the stair tool to clean the car surfaces.

Turbine tool

If you have a pet at home then you need this tool. It can vacuum fibers, lint, human and even pet hairs from the stubborn areas of your house. These include car seats, small carpets, pet beds, and more. It can rotate in two angles and pick the dust and hair from the areas.

Reach under tool

There are always some areas in a house where your regular using broom and vacuum cleaner cannot reach. A reach under tool with Dyson Total Clean vacuum helps cleaning the areas under furniture and home appliances. It can even clean the bulk amount of dirt that clogs those typical areas of your house. It has a narrow profile that reaches easily that clogged areas.

Soft dusting brush

Sensitive areas like keyboards, blinds, and even fans catch up dirt so easily. A soft dusting brush cleans it easily without causing damage. Cleaning regularly in these areas will prevent the static building of dirt.

Mattress tool

It is good to use at pillows, car seats, vacuum beds, matters, and sofas. Simply move the tool onto the surface and it will collect dirt stuck deeper into the surface.

Multi-angle brush

You can clean awkward surfaces such as air vent, door and window frames, and more. It is a vital tool as these areas also require cleaning and are more overlooked spaces of the house.

Tool bag

You can store all the tools in the tool bag and use it whenever requires. The Dyson Animal 2 Total Clean has this tool bag.

Hard floor tool

Hardwood and laminated floors are sensitive spaces which can be easily cleaned using hard floor tool. It has brushes that clean up the dirt. It has a full swiveling tool neck that clean floor objects easily.

Dyson Animal Clean has all these tools. So, get the best vacuum cleaner and tools associated with it that gives the best cleaning to your house.




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