6 Great Pieces of Writing Software You Need To Try

It is true that to become a good writer you need to practice writing as much as possible. But, in today’s time with such fierce competition even in the writing sector, it’s hard to ignore the writing software to gain perfection and write an impeccable piece of work. And, to stand out from the herd you need to try out the writing software. 

The writing software won’t write a book for you or plant a tree of imagination in your mind whose fruit you will bore for the rest of your life. Though, there is software that can help you in becoming an expert in writing. Not only an expert, but you will also be the ‘smart’ writer. 

Let’s dive into the list of writing software that you need to try to excel in your skill. 

  1. Grammarly

Maybe you have already heard of this popular editing software and if not, then you are missing out on the major tool for writing. 

Grammarly is one of the best writing software any writer is looking for. It helps in avoiding grammatical errors like, punctuation, articles, passive voice, spelling mistakes, and many more features that can help you in enhancing your writing skills. 

It helps you in sticking to the tone. Actually, before even you start writing, Grammarly asks you for which domain you are writing, the nature of your write up and what kind of audience you are serving. This helps you in gluing to the objective of your write up. 

This is not enough, you can read a more detailed version of Grammarly features on the website vowelor.com and try this amazing writing software. 

  1. Prowritingaid 

One of the pros of using a pro writing aid is it not only highlights your mistakes but also makes you learn from them. It gives an in-depth report of your mistakes of clichés, repetitive words, and other grammatical errors. 

Not only this, a website that wrote a detailed review of Prowritingaid mentions that you can also work on your writing style with a pro writing aid. It is the only tool in the niche which is your style editor. 

It is the kind of writing software that once you try then you will use always it. It makes writing easy and works in the best way to enhance your skills. 

  1. Hemingway Editor 

If you are looking for a friendly user interface and easy-to-use writing software then Hemingway editor tops the list. 

There is no confusion while using Hemingway. Every mistake is highlighted in a different color. This color code makes it easy to understand the errors and lets you learn from your mistakes.  

Hemingway Editor will also help you in writing prose and makes sure that your writing is clear and bold. 

  1. Evernote 

Evernote has proven to be one of the most productive apps. Basically, it is used for note-taking or to put a reminder of your meetings or events. 

Now, the point is how this note-taking app can be useful for writers?

There are times when you have so many stories going on in your head that can prove to be the bestsellers. So, this app will help you in arranging your thoughts and ideas. 

You can also use it for writing blogs or small parts of your books. Overall it is one of the great apps used to lead a clutter-free life. 

  1. Novlr 

Novlr is the writing software that is proficient in novel writing. Of all the amazing features this cloud-based writing tool is good for the multi-tasking tool.

You can use this app for the advanced planning of your novel like how to develop your characters and story plot and planning other elements of your story. You can also read your writing stats like how many words you can write on average, most active hours for writing, and other performance analysis. 

Not only this, by using Novlr you can easily export your book and convert it into e-book format. 

  1. Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus 

This last tool of the list of writing software is one of the useful ones. If you are stuck with one word and can’t find a better substitute for the word that’s when this tool comes into action. 

You just have to write the word and then there will be a plethora of synonyms on your screen. Choose the aptest one which conveys the message and tone. You can also search for the phrases for searching the right word. 

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Final Words 

These tools are the best ones in their respective niches. They will not only make you learn the English language faster but also make you an expert in it. Try all these writing software and make your writing impeccable and loved by all.

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