9 Toothsome Cakes to Make 50th Birthday Special!

Entering in your early fifties is such a big milestone. Crossing and tolerating all the hurdles of life and like a pro is not an easy task. This special day needs to be celebrated. If someone of your group or known is turning fifty is the coming month, celebrate the journey with some amazing cakes. You can even go for the online cake delivery in Chennai if you want to wish someone residing there. For this, many online stores are there providing reliable delivery services to many cities and countries.

While entering the milestone of fifty years, life becomes very calm and quiet because the person has gone through so many things and phases of life. From happiness to the dark clouds and from rising to the downfalls; every phase and every decade were like a thunderstorm and a lesson that teaches the theory of life. And when the one has entered the golden days, something special and some grand welcome is needed for motivation and to admiration for how beautifully he or she has done everything. For this, a birthday cake is the best option to go with.

To make the task of deciding a perfect cake is a bit tough and puzzling. Therefore, here is a list of cakes that can be your companion in making your loved ones feels proud to enter the 50th chapter of life.

  1. Heart-shaped cakes

If you are the lucky husband whose wife is going to step in her early fifties, then leave no stone unturned in making this birthday a memorable one. Just pick this amazing heart-shaped cake and tell her you are still mad for her. Age is just a number and your love is not bounded to that.

  1. “50” theme cakes

If you have someone in your group who is turning 50 this year, then it’s your turn to make him or her feel special. For this, you can take help of the number cakes that denotes 50 on the top. These cakes look super cool and stylish and also they are easy to pick.

  1. Cartoon cakes

Don’t just make the birthday boy or girl feel old. Lighten up the age mark and lit the child inside them by getting them a cute cartoon birthday cake. You can go with their favorite characters like Mickey Mouse or Minions. Each of them will look super awesome.

  1. Cake according to hobbies

Cakes that denotes hobbies like singing or dancing or bike riding is also one of the best ways to reignite the passion in the heart of the honoree. You can go with the customization as per the liking of the one.

  1. Photo cakes

Are you looking for something through which you can make the celebration a memorable affair? Then, you can go with photo cakes that can replicate your hearty emotions.

  1. Cakes according to the profession

You can also go for the cakes according to the profession of the one. If you are residing somewhere else, then you can go for these cakes as they will fit in the occasion perfectly and can go for the online cake delivery in Chennai services to send your cake.

  1. Multitier cakes

If you are planning for a grand party, then you can go for the multi-tier cakes that can serve the guests. These cakes are available in many flavors so that you can pick anyone according to the choice.

  1. Quirky cakes

If want to add some uniqueness to the birthday celebration, then you can go with some quirky cakes. These cakes are available in many shapes and themes like marine life, castle cakes, and this list is very large giving you many options.

  1. 5 cupcakes for each decade

This is also a unique idea to gear-up the celebration. You can get cup cakes denoting each decade of life. The honoree will be blessed to have such amazing friends.


All these cakes are no doubt one of the best ways to express your hearty feelings and emotions. If you are struggling to find fresh cakes, then you can switch to the online stores. GiftaLove.com is one store that offers the amazing quality of birthday cakes and gifts as well. So, explore the portal and let your love reach your loved ones through cakes.

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