5 things you didn’t know about the instant pot

If you have not used a particular device or gadget in the past, it is important to gain insight about it. You should know the methods to be used, features and other aspects. This would help you in operating it. The instant pot is an amazing cooking gadget that reduces the challenges people face while preparing meals. A lot of people particularly first-time users do not have sufficient knowledge about its features. As a result, they are unable to use it properly.

Let us have a quick look at 5 about the instant pot that you need to know about

1.     Can be used as an alternate steamer

While preparing certain dishes, you need to steam beans, potatoes, broccoli, and other vegetables as well. This is where you can use the instant pot as a steamer as well. There is no need to use a separate steamer and increase the workload. Is this a better option than a pressure cooker? The answer to this question is yes.

When you are using a pressure cooker, the boiled vegetables can break into very small pieces. This does not happen when you are using an instant bot. It gradually steams the vegetables without breaking them.

  • Where to get details from?

A good online platform is mandatory if you want to gather information about any gadget or kitchen peripheral. Corrie Cooks is a quality option that shares informative content on how you can use the instant pot and make amazing dishes. A lot of data is also available on the interface usage including buttons and electronic layout. This platform has authentic information on how the instant pot can be used in the most effective manner.

2.     Cleaning is a hassle-free option

A big challenge of using any electronic gadget is cleaning it. Once you have used the conventional cooker, it is an exhausting experience to remove the parts and clean it. At times, assembling it again becomes the main problem. With the instant pot, you can bid farewell to all such problems. There is no need to spend time on any manual tasks.

  • The instant pot comes with an auto wiping option which means that all the left-over constituents will be wiped off instantly after a cooking job has been completed. If you talk about cleaning a pressure cooker, it is a tough job to get the cleaning done. This is not the case with an instant pot and you can get done with the task in a more convenient manner. In an overall way, the level of stress is much less when you are using it.

3.     Cooking frozen meals is not a hassle anymore

Have you cooked a frozen meal before using a normal cooker? If yes is the answer, you must be having an idea about the number of steps you need to go through before you begin the actual tasks. The first thing is defrosting the meal. For instance, if you want to cook beef and its frozen, it would have to kept in the open air for a certain time span till it defrosts. This extends the cooking time frame by a big margin. If something has an actual span of 12 minutes, it would easily take an hour to conclude everything. This time span can be reduced if an instant pot is used.

  • If you are using an instant pot, be sure that there would be no need to go through any defrosting. The frozen stuff can be used directly for cooking. For professional chefs in particular, an instant pot is quite a blessing. At times, they have to prepare meals without having a lot of time in hand.

4.     Much faster than the standard conventional cooker

Spending a long time on cooking activities can be quite frustrating. At times, people do not attempt certain meals due the cooking time required. In addition to that, if people do not have the experience to go through the entire lengthy process, they do not attempt meals. This kitchen gadget is a good alternative for people who are not expert cooks but still want to make some mouthwatering food.

  • Cooking beef is a difficult task for even the most experienced cooks mainly because of the time that one has to spend. It takes a long span for the beef to get cooked. The instant pot reduces this duration and you can serve well-cooked beef in a short span.

5.     No fears of health hazards

A lot of people do not use pressure cookers considering the hazards that are attached to them. A pressure cooker can blast if the voltage is high and the gadget is not handled properly. This can cause a lot of material damage and the person handling the cooker can get injured as well. The same cannot be said about an instant pot. It does not have health issues and does not blast like a pressure cooker. This is a key reason why people prefer it strongly.


People not using an instant pot are usually unaware of the benefits that it has.  It is not a difficult gadget to handle and being an expert cook is not necessary for any way. There are a lot of plus points that act as reasons to prefer it. One of them is the time required to complete the cooking job.

It is not easy to work hard for hours and then prepare a dish. A lot of individuals are not prepared to put in so much effort. For such people, an instant pot works perfectly. It cooks meals at a faster pace without requiring a lot of effort. These days, it is used to cook frozen meals because no defrosting is needed. In a nutshell, it is ideal for people who don’t have immense cooking experience.

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