A Good Team Is the Key to Startup Success


Your business is only as good as its staff. When you have a stellar team that believes in the company and cares about the work they do, it will succeed. When you have a team that doesn’t care about the goals of the company and doesn’t contribute positively to the group, then your business isn’t going to thrive. It’s going to flounder.

A Factor in Startup Failure:

Your team will make or break your new business. According to a CB Insights chart, the wrong team was one of the biggest reasons for startup failure — it beat out factors like stronger competition, cost issues, and poor marketing. The graph analyzed data from approximately 101 ex-companies to see what were the main factors that pushed them to close their doors for good. It seems like choosing a poor team to prop up the business was a very common problem. 

How to Make the Right Team: 

Finding strong candidates is a long and challenging process. First, you have to send out the job call and hope that it reaches the most qualified audience. You have to comb through countless resumes and emails. Then, you have to conduct back-to-back interviews to confirm whether the candidates live up to the boasts they wrote in their cover letters. After weeks of analysis, you take a chance and make your selection.

Even when you’re thorough, you can still make a mistake — and that will cost you. Statistics show that company mis-hire can cost you anywhere between 3 to 6 times the base salary. How can you reduce your chances of making such an expensive error?

Turn to one of the leading Sales Recruitment Agencies on the continent to elevate your sales team and help your business reach the levels of success that you’re aspiring to. This service recruits top-quality performers in the sales talent market. They slog through the difficult steps for you, making sure that your company only hires the cream of the crop. 

An agency can do more than find a single employee for you. They can help you find an entire team if you need one.

Create a Welcome Environment:

Hiring strong candidates isn’t enough. You need to make sure that they feel encouraged, respected, and well-compensated from the moment that they join your business. An uncaring work environment — or worse, a toxic work environment — is not conducive for team synergy and productivity. Offer positive reinforcement, verbally and financially, to keep them from feeling unappreciated and searching for other job prospects. 

Here are some simple ideas to show your team appreciation:

  • Criticism should always be constructive and delivered with kindness.
  • Offer praise, especially for difficult projects and milestones.
  • Respect work hours. Do not push staying late, clocking in on weekends, and meeting during off-hours. 
  • Encourage upward momentum through promotions, raises, and other opportunities.
  • Look for signs of job burnout and make accommodations to avoid this unhealthy phenomenon.

Don’t let your business get bogged down by the wrong team. Use the right resources to find strong employees that will send your business down the road to success. 




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