What Jobs Are Available To People With a Disability?

Having a physical disability doesn’t mean there’s no chance of being gainfully employed in the Australian workforce. The type of disability someone has and the restrictions associated with it can dictate what work will be suitable and what won’t, but there are many jobs that people suffering from physical challenges can do and do well.

Let’s take a look at just a select few jobs that disabled people have been doing for many years very successfully.


Every business and most individuals will need an accountant at some point in time. This is even a job or business that could be done from the comfort and the convenience of a home office. Being a non-physical job, accounting could be a great fit for someone confined to a wheelchair, for example, or some other hindrance that prevents them from doing a more physical type of occupation.

Naturally, to become a qualified accountant you’ll need to undergo training and earn formal qualifications, but a career in accounting is certainly an excellent choice, as well as being an occupation that’s always in high demand.

Software Developer

This could be business software, video games or even app design. There is always work available for talented software developers, coders and engineers in this modern, high-tech world, so it’s a very good career choice for people with physical disabilities.

Most of your time as a software developer will be spent working on a computer. It’s a desk job that has a lot of scope for career advancement, as well as being a very creative role.

Working In a Customer Service Role

Customer service roles are one of the most common desk jobs there is and it’s an industry that’s always in demand for all sorts of businesses, products, and services. The job may entail answering phone calls from customers or responding to emails. It’s a field where there is definitely room for career advancement too.

This is an inbound position, so it’s not like telemarketing where you’re cold calling people and trying to sell them something. It’s totally different and far more fulfilling.

Content Marketing

Content marketing encompasses many forms of marketing, most of which take place online. It could be writing blogs and guest posts to help promote a company’s brand and provide valuable information for readers. Content marketing is also associated with social media marketing (SMM), video content, and much more.

It’s an interesting and diverse career path as well as being a very creative one. You can also work as a freelancer from home, either creating the content for the businesses directly or working as a ghostwriter for web designers and SEO companies.

With such a focus on online content, promotion, and marketing of websites and eCommerce stores, content marketing is a career path that’s continually on the rise.


A career as a counsellor for other people with physical and mental challenges could also be an extremely rewarding career and one which a counsellor with a disability already has first-hand knowledge of.

In fact, there likely wouldn’t be many more personally fulfilling roles than being in a position to be able to help others overcome their obstacles and improve their overall quality of life. It’s a profession that requires training and qualifications, but these are easier to obtain than entering the field of psychology or psychiatry.

How a Jobactive Provider Can Help

Jobactive providers are companies that help the unemployed find work. These organisations also provide disability employment services, to enable disabled people to get into the workforce and live rewarding lives.

Employment services for the disabled include things like group health programs, assessments to determine an individual’s capacity to work and for how many hours, training, and direct liaison with employers to help people with disabilities get a job.

If you’re unemployed and have a disability, it’s well worth hooking up with a Jobactive provider as their services are invaluable.

The Wrap

This article has only highlighted a select few possible jobs for anyone who is disabled to aspire to. With some research and thought, likely there would be dozens or even hundreds of potential roles that those facing challenges could fill successfully.

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