3 Reasons to Have Strict Allergens Controls

In the food industry, allergens are a big issue. There are certain food allergies out there that could severely harm a consumer if they are triggered. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key reasons why all food manufacturers need to have strict allergen controls in place.

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An allergen is a substance that produces a vigorous autoimmune response when someone comes into contact with them. Such a reaction can be mild, but it can also be incredibly severe – potentially fatal. As a result, food allergens need to be handled with extreme care.

It can be devastating for both a consumer and a food producer if someone has had an allergic reaction due to something in the food that should not have been there.

By having strict allergen controls in place your company can have peace of mind, as you know these strict controls will stop contamination.

It is very important that anyone involved in food manufacturing is able to deliver their products with safety and consistency, as it builds trust in the brand from consumers who suffer from allergic reactions.


If there is an issue with a product, the manufacturer can be accountable not only under civil but also criminal law. There are some pre-emptive measures that a manufacturer can take, such as the use of a traceability system provided by companies like this: http://www.stevenstraceability.com

A Traceability system allows a food manufacturer to have full knowledge about what is being used to create their food. If allergens are used as part of one product’s recipe, the system will track how much is used, at what stage in the recipe it is used, and which employee is using it.

All of this information can then be analysed in the event of a mishap to try to establish precisely what happened and what further measures can be taken to avoid something similar in the future.


Every company wants to have a reputation of being one that is trusted by consumers. Accidents can always happen, but repeated cross-contaminations and issues with batches of food are never going to help a brand’s sales or wider reputation.

Though accountability can be taken in the event of an issue, steps need to be taken before an incident can even take place. By safeguarding against any issues, a brand will be able to deliver a high quality of products free from allergens that will help to build their reputation with consumers.

Allergen controls are not optional in the food industry – they are a must. No matter what, a brand has to be prepared to deliver the best quality of food to their customers as possible. A large part of that comes from tracing allergens and other contaminants that could have an adverse effect on those who might enjoy their products.

With the right systems in place, such as traceability systems, a manufacturer should be able to avoid many of the issues that might arise with poor allergen control.


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