Why You Should Get an Events Photo Booth Hire Company for Your Wedding in Adelaide


Can you hear the wedding bells? Have you been anxiously awaiting the day that you will finally be one with your partner but are in constant worry about all the technical stuff and the logistics that come with planning a wedding? Well, preparing for a wedding is one of the most stressful activities that most people encounter in their life, especially when you need to make it unique, but you have no clue where to start.

As far as visual memories are concerned, most people go for a professional photographer but, that shouldn’t be all there is to it. Photo booths are making a comeback, and what’s more unique than having this vintage yet classy way to create lasting memories?

That said, here are all the reasons hiring a photo booth company will add fun and pizzazz to your wedding.

It Gives it an Added Vintage Charm

Even with the technological advancement in photo booths today, they still retain that vintage appeal that you’d want for your Victorian, pastel, or rustic wedding.

Photo booths have been around since the time of our grandparents. Thus every older person remembers them fondly while the younger generation adores them for their classic charm.

The appeal of the Polaroid has never failed since time immemorial and nothing beats holding an actual photo in your hand, mainly if you just took it moments ago.

You Get to Avoid the Awkward Turtle

We have all been there at some point. Meeting your long-lost cousins and new friends is always thrilling, but there comes a time when the conversation ceases and all that’s left is the pin-stack silence with birds chirping in the horizon – it can be the most uncomfortable situation.

Well, if you want your wedding and after-party to be epic and not ruined by the awkward turtle ruin– then hiring a photo booth hire with interactive personnel can be just what you need.

Photo Booths not only give you that vintage and classy feeling, but they are also the perfect ice-breaker for the bitter times of a party. So, let the domino effect of the party photo booth roll-out, and help you retrieve your guests from all corners to a one-party spot!

It’s Entertaining

It doesn’t matter their age, the type of music they are into, or from what background they hail, everyone loves photo booths. How could anyone not with all the cool props and the dazzling costumes and items to play with, as well as the chance of goofing around with your friends?

 In the modern social media buzzed culture, where taking a Selfie is the most entertaining aspect for many individuals, why not hire a photo booth company with hand-held props?

There Are Endless Options

Guests are different. There are the ones who are small on the side of the sky but let loose once the shades are drawn, and the confident and fabulous ones who don’t mind being socially creative.

Unlike hiring a professional photographer who demands all photos to be taken indoors or outdoors with all eyes on you, with the photo booths, you get a variety. You can choose to have the enclosed booth for the shy ones and an open-air photo booth that allows you to shove as many people as need for one photo!

If you fancy your guests to roam over the room and have pictures printed from Instra-gram, you can always get Adelaide photo booth by Misksa so that they can offer you options that are endless.

You Get a Cool Guestbook

This is one of the most significant reasons you need to hire a photo booth. They allow you to finally say goodbye to the somewhat dull moment of having your five hundred guests sign the guestbook!

Even if you might not realize it now, when the day comes, you will be glad that your booth butler took the time to ensure that each time a guest took a photo, it was added to the guest book and a copy given to the specific guest.

What could be more exhilarating than having to look at a creatively decorated guest book with all the fun, crazy, tender, and goofy moments that your lovely guests immortalized?




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