Finding the Best Designer Kitchens in Central Coast

Central Coast is a lovely little city in New South Wales, Australia, that’s brimming with picturesque locations and stunning wildlife. There are many things to see and do in this city, like checking out the sandy beaches, recreation facilities, and glorious parks. There are quite a few attractions here as well, including the Aquafun Avoca Lake and the Central Coast Reef & Game Fishing Charters.

After a long day of adventuring and travelling in Central Coast, one would love to sit down and have some great homemade food. But sometimes, your house doesn’t have the necessary equipment to handle the type of MasterChef cooking that you want to do. And that’s where designer kitchens come to play.

Getting designer kitchens in central coast City is quickly becoming a popular trend amongst many households. Companies have been established to make the process of designing and constructing a kitchen as hassle-free as possible. The modular kitchen industry recognizes that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and it strives to create a place where priceless memories are made. Because the kitchen has become an integral part of the family, new ways to bring it wherever the family went were formed.

Pros of having modular kitchens

Every kitchen design has its advantages and disadvantages. The decision to go for a modular kitchen or a traditional one is dependent on the preference and background of the homeowner.

  • The finished construction and layout of a modular kitchen is its main appeal. The typical standard for kitchens in New South Wales, for example, is spacious, easy on the eyes, and classy. A modular kitchen could achieve that look conveniently for the client.
  • A modular kitchen can be assembled and entirely dismantled, which means the kitchen is included in a house transfer.
  • Quality is assured because the modular kitchen designer and manufacturer have full control of the factory-made materials used for the kitchen.
  • Modular kitchens usually come with more storage space compared to semi-modular or civil kitchens because the kitchen is built to the requirements of the buyer.
  • There is minimal stress to be experienced when dealing with the manufacturer for those kitchens because the company will jot down the expectations and make them into a reality. In comparison, a semi-modular or civil kitchen means the carpenter will rely on the instructions of the homeowner at every step of the construction.
  • Costs provided by designer kitchen manufacturers are generally true to estimate.

Planning the kitchen

  • Identify the kitchen work triangle

A well-designed kitchen always follows a triangle – the shape formed between the sink, refrigerator, and stove. The kitchen layout, whether L- or U-shaped, with or without a bar or island, must always incorporate the triangle.

  • Identify the countertop material and length

Although there are varying standards in kitchen countertop heights across different countries, the height of a modular kitchen will still be made to the preference of the homeowner because they are expected to be the primary users.

  • Choose colours

The kitchen colour is another decision that is made with longevity in mind. Darker shades mean more heat during summers but easier to clean, whereas an all-white kitchen demands consistent cleaning and maintenance.

  • Consider ventilation

The kitchen is the one place of the house that generates large amounts of heat. Given that the usual temperature in NSW is on the hotter side, a proper ventilation system should be installed to ensure good airflow circulation within the house.

  • Consider lighting 

For the aesthetic side, lighting is vital. Some prefer bright light shining down on the countertop during cooking, while others prefer a more subdued ambiance with a few spotlights directed at the stove.

  • Prioritise safety

It’s the responsibility of the homeowner to keep a check with the rules and regulations of the community regarding the type of stovetops, whether gas or electrical types and the allotted power allowance for the kitchen, especially if it will be installed in a condominium. From there, all piping must be checked for any leaks and the like.

  • Take advantage of corners

The corners of a kitchen counter are usually ignored because they are inaccessible; however, there are modular kitchens designed to utilize every square inch of the space for storage.

For those who are very particular with their kitchen design and have the extra budget, getting a designer or modular kitchen is a good option because preferences and expectations would be met.

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