Why the leveling of any wooden floor is necessary?


Hardwood floors have been used for a long time and in all this time they have gained a reputation for warm and reliable material. This is all well and good, but the wooden floor has problems – it can’t last long and is subject to a lot of damage, which appears due to the influence of the weather. To restore floor characteristics, it must be level.  The greatest load in any room falls on the floor covering, and for maximum floor strength before laying the surface materials it is necessary to level the base. The article will discuss how to properly level the floor to achieve maximum reliability and long-term operation.

Floor Leveling Steps

You must understand that leveling the floor is not an operation, and you will not be able to do all the work quickly. The leveling of the wooden floor in a wooden house will depend largely on what material was used to create the floor decks.

The first stage – At this stage, the wooden floor should be brought to a horizontal state. The main purpose of this work step is to ensure that the floor is properly positioned.

The second phase – The purpose of this stage is to level the entire floor to an even state. All holes and irregularities must be eliminated.

Leveling Methods

To do everything qualitatively, you first need to figure out how to level wooden floors without opening them, what methods exist for correcting a curved surface, and what is needed for them. There are several methods for leveling the surface of the timber frame – with a planer, with a grinder, installing additional plates, and self-leveling mixtures.

The work with Planer

Eliminating wood floor irregularities using a planer is a classic way to treat a floor covering. However, leveling the floor with this method is not a good idea. The first problem is that wooden planks are usually fixed very securely, and it is quite problematic to remove them. The second problem is that working with an airplane requires experience in carpentry, which is far from any homeowner.

A grinding machine is another choice

To fix a wooden floor using a grinder, you will have to make some effort, but it will still be much easier than aligning wooden flooring on a private plane. Of course, it is not profitable to purchase a grinding machine because of a single floor leveling, so you should rent it or hire a specialist who has such equipment. Firstly, all debris, dust and other pollution must be well removed from the floor. After cleaning, Gulvkanonen professionals carefully examine the floor for protruding covers of fasteners.

Additional Boards

To bring the floor to a uniform state, you can use an extra layer of flooring. For these purposes, thick plywood, particleboard, or similar products are used. This method has its drawbacks, and most importantly it will not work to bring the floor to a horizontal state with a large initial drop in height. This disadvantage suggests that wood boards should only be mounted on a relatively flat base, resulting in a reliable layer for installing a finish coat.

Self-leveling compound

Pouring a screed onto a wooden floor is a bad idea. The concrete is quite heavy and under its weight, the wooden floor can simply collapse. But if you replace the concrete in this scheme with a self-leveling mix, usually used for leveling finish, you have a good answer to the question of how to level a wood floor. There is only one restriction on using such a compound: with a height difference of more than two centimeters, the total weight of the structure will be very large, so it would be inappropriate to use it.




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