Where to Position CCTV Cameras at Home


A lot of people know the importance of having security cameras at home yet, some still make mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is that they do not know where to position CCTV cameras at home. Positioning your security cameras at home can be tricky and may require a lot of contemplation. But, you can follow the tips that will be discussed in this article to help you. MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia offers cctv installation Kuala Lumpur.

Preparation is the key factor in installation. You may start preparing by considering the following questions:

Which parts of my property are vulnerable?

Has my property ever experienced break-ins? If yes, where was it?

Even with its previous owners? If yes, where was it? 

Which parts of my property are obscured?

If I will rob my property, which part of it is the best place to get inside and outside discreetly?

These questions can act as your guidelines. It also helps you determine the best places in positioning your security cameras at home. If you’re considering various options for home security, you might want to explore detailed evaluations of different services. For instance, the question “Is Vivint Home Security Services Worth Signing Up For?” is addressed in Vivint security reviews, offering insights to assist your decision-making process. After considering these questions and any relevant reviews, you are now one step ahead in securing your home.

Best Locations to Place Security Cameras at Home

Instead of focusing on the number of security cameras at home, focus on their location. All homes are different. The number of doors, rooms, windows, and their locations will always be different from other houses. This is why there is no standard location to place security cameras at home.

Regardless of diversity, there are still places to best place your security cameras. There should always be CCTV cameras inside and outside your property. This will help you get footage of when and where the robbery took place. This can also be used as solid evidence to use in an investigation.

With that, here are the best locations to place security cameras at home.


Front Door

According to statistics, around 34% of burglaries happened because criminals have successfully entered through the front door. So it is important to place a security camera outside your front door. Actually, this is the most important among all exterior security cameras.

Placing it should be somewhere higher so that it can cover the whole entrance of your property. Also, it should be placed in a higher position to avoid getting your security cameras destroyed or tampered with. You can also place where it can be seen. Burglars will be cautious because they know that your house has security cameras.

Back and Side Doors

Back and side doors have the second highest percentage in places where burglars enter. According to statistics, it is somewhere around 20 to 25%. With these, you should also consider placing security cameras near your back and side doors.

Off-street windows

The third on the list is windows. Windows have the third highest percentage after front doors and back and side doors in places where burglars enter. This usually happens in windows that do not face the street or are obscured. The said windows can easily attract burglars. Installing CCTV cameras above these windows can help prevent burglaries. 


The next on the list is your yard. Placing a security camera in your yard is also important. This will help you know if someone is eyeing or snooping around your property. Also, this can be of help in monitoring your yard from animals or trespassers. It can even monitor your family’s activities, especially your younger children.

Garages and Driveway

Garage doors and driveways are also possible entrances for burglars. They may enter through your garage door or walk down your driveway. Either way, it is still clear proof that installing security cameras in your garage door and driveway is also important.


Main stairs or hallway

Areas like main stairs and hallways are usually centralized. People have to use these places to get to another place on your property. Installing CCTV cameras in centralized areas like these will surely help you monitor everyone who passes through these areas.

Common areas

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are some of the common areas in a house. These places are usually seen by people. Regardless, installing security cameras here is still important. It will help survey the area with or without people. 

Second floor

Installing CCTV cameras in your bedroom is not recommended because of your privacy. This is why it is recommended to install indoor security cameras in your second-floor hallway instead. You get to keep your jewellery and other valuable stuff in your bedroom safe and protect your privacy at the same time. This is like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Where Not to Place


The bedroom is the place where people usually put their valuable things. But, bedrooms are also the most private place for owners. This is the room where they sleep, relax and get comfortable. Installing CCTV cameras in bedrooms will invade someone else’s privacy. Hackers can also use this to invade the owner’s privacy and use it for something unimaginable.


The same thing goes with the bathroom. It will invade someone’s privacy too. Also, it is very unlikely that burglars will get something from your bathroom. Unless you have some secret storage in your bathroom, it is not advisable to place a security camera here.

Neighbor’s Property

Though it may look like you are just looking out for your neighbor, it is illegal for some countries to surveil someone else’s property. Always remember to focus on your property and not on someone else’s.

Key Factors on Placing Security Cameras at Home


Placement is the first key factor in placing security cameras at home. Correct placement of cameras at home needs careful and critical judgment. Always remember that security cameras should always be out of reach. So, it will not be destroyed easily. 

Always keep the security cameras high. Exterior CCTV cameras should be placed at a second-storey level. Interior cameras should be attached near the ceiling. 


The next key factor is the angle. Knowing where to angle security cameras will also increase security at home. Failure to angle security cameras properly will result in catching the burglar’s body part only or worse, nothing.

Placing security cameras in visible places like doors or windows is advisable. Don’t be afraid that it will be noticed. Think of it as a warning to burglars who want to burgle your house. 

Wi-Fi Signal

Some security cameras are wireless. Thus, securing the wi-fi signal’s strength is a must. Getting disconnected from the internet will result in disconnection to your security system or getting choppy or distorted footage.


For all intents and purposes, location is more important than quantity. One must not buy security cameras without careful preparation and proper planning. Always remember that there is no place like home. Therefore, take good care of your home. Make your home really secure and safe. MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia can be of great assistance in this matter. Your security is our top priority. Visit https://www.mycctvsuppliermalaysia.com to know more.




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