Why Rent A Bounce House for Kids Parties, Community, and Social Events? 


Organizing a party for children or doing something to keep them engaged at a community or social event can be a taxing affair because you never know what modern kids like. However, if there’s one thing you cannot go wrong with at such events and celebrations, it is setting up an inflatable bounce house. It can provide hours of fun and is also great for their physical and mental health, besides improving their social skills. The great thing is that with such a large variety of inflatables available, you can be sure the children will not find them boring. A quick look at the top health benefits of inflatable bounce houses:

Improves Physical Health 

When children run and jump on an inflatable, they get an aerobic workout that strengthens their muscles, builds stamina, boosts blood circulation, and stimulates their respiratory systems. Running and walking on soft and bouncy surfaces also helps them to coordinate their movement, and improve balance and limb coordination. According to the CDC, children and adolescents should get at least one hour of vigorous aerobic exercise daily. When you set up a bouncing inflatable, children can enjoy running around without inhibition, get their daily dose of exercise, and still have loads of fun.

Boosts Mental Health 

You need to see the fun children have when playing on a giant inflatable to know that these toys are great for boosting their mood and mental well-being. Children scream, smile, and laugh while playing and are quick to make friends. According to scientists, one of the prime reasons for children to be happy is that physical exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that boost the sense of well-being and decrease anxiety, fear, worry, and depression that afflict children increasingly. An hour of fun and frolic on an inflatable rented from TJ’s House of Bounce of San Jose can leave the child on an emotional high that lasts for many more hours. Follow the map

Enhances Social Health

A child will invariably not run and bounce on an inflatable by himself. Typically, when you set up an inflatable in a park, at a birthday bash, a carnival, or a community event, children will come along in droves to enjoy wholesome fun. Whether they are jumping and sliding around on an inflatable at a birthday party or a fun fair, you will see the kids making friends quickly. Getting along well together can help them build their self-esteem and confidence and make a friend or two in the process.


With inflatables being great fun for children, you don’t have to wait for a birthday party to become popular with them. The next time you have an event with a bunch of kids needing to have fun; you can rent an inflatable and watch the magic unfold. It could be a family reunion, a block party, a church social, or even a fundraiser for the community. You can rent the inflatables from a large choice. They are safe for the kids with their soft surfaces and are easy to set up. However, you must ensure you properly supervise the children at all times.




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