What Is a Fake ID Website? How Does It Operate?

Fakes have existed practically as long as actual IDs have. If you want to do anything remotely fun that has an age limit on it, the only options are to wait until you are old enough or get a fake ID to do your bidding. 

Of course, getting fakes isn’t as easy as popping down to your local Best Buy. You often have to find a good enough source that can supply you with real-looking fakes that are worth the money. While there’s plenty of places that you can think of getting a fake ID, the most common and worthwhile place is a fake ID website. Today, we are going to look at just what they are and how they operate. 

What Are Fake ID Websites?

Back in the day, you would have to know someone in real life to source your fakes on a regular basis. Thankfully, we live in modern times, and getting fakes is just as easy as buying a pair of shoes online. 

A fake ID website is simply a site that sells fake IDs online. Most fake ID suppliers have websites that they use to sell fakes. You can browse their catalog, buy the ID you are looking for, and have it shipped to you in a matter of days without ever having to interact with another human. 

It is a step up from having to know a guy who knows a guy. Nowadays, you can easily fulfill that urge to drink or party while being underage simply by having internet access. You can find fake ID sites by the dozen, and each has its own way of making and sending out fakes. They also let you access information on how to get a fake id in easy steps.

If you are more tech-savvy, this is definitely the way to get fake IDs these days. The process is simple and painless, helping you get your ID in a matter of seconds. More importantly, this way of getting fakes makes it safer for both you and the fake ID vendor to do business with each other without getting caught easily.

How Do Fake ID Websites Operate?

The idea of going on the internet to buy something illegal can seem dramatic and action-filled, but when you step out of the movies and into reality, you will realize that buying fakes is just an ordinary process. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go digging into the dark web or commit a ritual sacrifice to see these sites. 

Most fake ID websites lie in plain sight without so much as disguising their URL. They are incredibly easy to find and you can land on them if you just type the phrase “fake ID” into Google. There aren’t many attempts to hide them and not many reasons to either. 

When you land on the sites themselves, it’s like shopping for anything else. If you have ever bought something online, the process is pretty similar. You browse through the catalog of different IDs, select the one for your state, enter your info and make the payments, and voila! You’re done. 

As making fake IDs inside the US is still pretty illegal, these sites don’t actually manufacture them on US soil. Instead, they are contracted to fake ID makers overseas. People make them in countries where it isn’t exactly illegal to make fake IDs. Once the IDs are made to your specifications, they are sent out to the supplier in the US.

Since the IDs have to pass through the US Customs inspection, the fake ID makers have to use special tactics to avoid getting detected. Different makers use different methods, and no one is too keen on sharing their secrets of scamming the system. The point is that they all work and get the ID past Customs without getting confiscated. 

Eventually, the fake ID supplier gets the IDs from the producers. Then, they start sorting them out and prepare them to send to their clients. The fake IDs are shipped in special concealed packages that don’t make anyone suspect that a fake is making its way through the mail. The actual time it takes will depend on the shipping options you selected when buying the ID. Finally, you end up with your fake ID in the mail with none being the wiser.

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