10 Outclass Modifications Your Car Can Endure

We all have a dream car, and we aspire to have it in our backyard someday. However, until then, we would have to make do with the good old reliable car that’s sitting in your backyard at the moment! It may not be the fanciest car or even the sportiest one, but it doesn’t have to be boring either. With easy customization options available, you don’t have to settle for less.  All it takes is a few smart modifications, ad your car gets customized into a dream car.

So while customizing sounds cool, it’s advised you consider your car’s mechanical and legal limitations along with your monetary comfort. Thus, it helps to start with a plan of exactly what you would like to change about your car. Of course, the modification can evolve as it goes but it’s better to have a somewhat planned picture than a totally vague one.

To help you map out a plan for a cooler car, we will be listing down the top 10 modifications your car can endure; all of which can be easily incorporated by customizing geniuses at the places like Automoda Alfa Romeo Garage. Let’s take a look:

  1. Tyres: You would find most people going for tyre modifications to boost their durability and adaptability towards different terrains. You could opt for bigger sized tyres for stronger grip or shinier alloy wheel covers to get a super classy look.  If you are more into having a funky appearance, you could even add lights and colours to the wheel covers and hubcaps too.
  2. Headlights: Headlight modification can promote road safety. You could get automatic headlights installed, which turn on and off depending on the natural light setting. Furthermore, you could ask for fog lamps that aid visibility through the fog and heavy rain. LED lamps being on the costlier side, last for a long time and gives the right incandescent light.
  3. Silencer: You could add a second silencer to boost the speed of your car, and bring it at par with high-end or sports cars. This also adds to more efficient exhaustion and a noise-free ride. However, this could be a little expensive and may require proper training before you get acquainted with the new thermodynamics of your old car.
  4. Exterior: This is essentially a car makeover! You could play with the car colour, add different prints, also do body lighting. These changes are affordable too. Body kits such as hoods, front and rear bumpers, rooftop vents can also be added, however, the more polished and specialized treatment you need, the higher will be the pay for it!
  5. Interior: If you are more about “what’s on the inside”, then you could tweak the interior of the car. Little details such as changing the seats, adding wooden or carbon panels, adding extra seat cushions or covers, can make a whole lot of difference to your car’s whole aesthetic.
  6. Performance Tuning: You could upgrade your car’s performance by modifying the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This modification is highly recommended as it optimizes the engine’s combustion adequacy, output, and thus, its overall efficiency.
  7. Suspension modifications: Upgrade your car’s suspension to performance coil-overs, which improve your ride quality and also increase the handling performance.
  8. Satellite navigation system: Always keep a map handy with a modern twist to it! You could get a satellite navigation system installed. It uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide you with the best route to your destination, alongside real-time updates on traffic.
  9. Brakes upgrade: To improve handling characteristics, you could easily upgrade to high-quality brakes. This modification deals with an upgrading of the brake shoes or the cylinder.
  10. Parking sensors and Reversing Cameras: You could run into tricky parking situations, especially in small spaces or corners. Parking sensors can make this whole process easier for you by guiding you with information about the hurdles in your way. Reversing camera is another feature that comes in handy while backing up the vehicle.

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