What Are the Top 5 E-Liquid Flavors Today’s Market Can Offer?


When it comes to looking for e-liquid to use in your pen, it can be difficult to choose just one. There are so many out there that you’ll be stuck in analysis paralysis trying to figure out which one’s the best.

Instead of trying to wrap your head around a whole bunch of numbers, we’re going to make it simple for you. Here are the top five e-liquid flavors that are being offered on the market.

  1. Boosted E-Juice

Boosted is a Colorado-based vendor that got its start in early 2014, built from the ground up by Cory Vigil. One of their most popular flavors is their creamy strawberry, which steers itself towards tasting exactly like a strawberry milkshake.

Regular vapers rank Boosted pretty high, as it comes in five different nicotine levels so that you can get that perfect amount for your day.

  1. Mad Hatter’s “I Love Cookies Too”

Have a ravishing sweet tooth? Then you may want to give Mad Hatter a try. Based in California, their cool e liquid flavors have made it all over the world.

Their “I Love Cookies Too” in their most popular flavor, and is a follow-up of their original formula. It definitely captures the essence of the cookie with a hint of caramel sweetness to it. There’s also a small taste of fruit, which definitely adds to the flavor. Anyone could vape on this all day if they had a sweet tooth to satisfy.

  1. Beard Vape Company’s “No. 32”

Founded in 2014, they caught the attention of vapers with the liquids they were putting out into the market. Number 32 is the one that caught their attention the most and has become one of the most popular flavors in the industry.

This is because it is reminiscent of the flavor of funnel cake, that lovely confectionary you find at the carnival. The flavor is so impressive, especially with the hint of cinnamon that follows, that you’ll be surprised at how much you like it.

  1. Cuttwood’s “Unicorn Milk”

It sounds like a fantasy, that no one would be able to capture the essence of unicorn milk in a liquid. Cuttwood is based in Los Angeles and has been dubbed the “Sauce Boss” by the vaping community.

The reason unicorn milk is one of their most popular flavors is that it combines four different creams with strawberry, giving it a plethora of sweet notes that anyone would enjoy. It’s a flavor you could vape all day and not get a headache over the aroma and flavor.

  1. Jimmy the Juice Man’s “Shurb”

Jimmy the Juice Man is a Chicago-based company that started making its own vapors that were more affordable than premium e-juices. However, it gained so much popularity that it had to team up with Giant Vapes in order to meet the demands of customers.

Shurb is a blend of orange, lime, and raspberry, just like a rainbow sherbet you’d enjoy during the summer months. Despite the combination of these flavors, it’s not overly sweet so you won’t feel your teeth rotting from the experience.

Finding flavors for your vaping pen can be a nice exploration of what’s out there, but if you really want to go for the good stuff, these are the flavors that vapers are recommending the most. Give them a try and see if your opinion is similar to theirs.




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