Want To Get Rid Of Blurry Vision? Here’s All That You Need To Know


Blurry vision implies loss of sharpness in vision as objects appear out of focus most of the time. Most people who suffer from hazy eyesight have refractive errors in their vision in terms of near-sightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Blurry vision can also be a symptom of a much serious problem in the eye, maybe an eye disease or even a neurological disorder.

Lack of visual acuity could also indicate serious issues like glaucoma or might be due to myopia and old-age. Those who wear wrong prescription lenses can also suffer from blurry vision. Those suffering from severe health conditions like strokes and migraines could have similar problems since issues in the brain can impact eyes negatively. Medications for other problems could also result in temporary blurred vision.

Treatment for blurry vision

Blurry vision’s underlying cause needs to be checked out before opting for treatment. Normal treatments include:

  • Glasses — the right numbered glasses on prescription can resolve blurry vision in most cases. If you’re looking for prescription glasses check out Glasses2You for some fashionable options.
  • Medicated drops — these drops moisten dry eyes and help in generating natural tears if you are affected by dry eye syndrome.
  • Medication changes — your doctor can prescribe an alternative medicine if a specific drug is causing blurry vision.
  • Resolution of health problems — people with blurry vision often have the ailment as a side issue to the main problem that could be diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, migraine, stroke, and the like. Once the original problem is resolved with prescription medication and lifestyle changes, the sight could be restored. In some cases, it could lead to loss of sight too.

5 Treatments for Resolving Blurry Vision

Blurred vision could be a result of exposure to the sun, harmful environment, or infections. Here are some therapies as mentioned by professionals such as the Personal Eyes that could work for your diagnosis.

  1. Get regular vision check-ups

Regular eye exams would help your doctor to identify all kinds of problems with your vision, even if it is an infection or any serious problem.

  1. Keep eyewear clear

Keep cleaning your daily contact lenses for astigmatism and your spectacles as per the eye doctor’s recommendations. Your specs could be dirty and in time, things would look blurry than before. Keep your eyeglasses clean with an eyeglass cloth and by using a good cleaning solution.

  1. Wear eye protection

Use safety goggles when you are in the midst of home improvement or a contact sport. Sunglasses should be worn when you go out and use water goggles when you are diving or swimming. Protect eyes from trauma, UV light, and other minor irritants like chlorine.

  1. Give your eyes proper rest with sleep

If you work constantly in front of a computer screen or keep reading for long periods of time, take frequent breaks for safeguarding your eyes. Look up or distract your eyes every 15 minutes. Blink frequently when watching TV or phone screens to keep eyes moist. Focus on natural surroundings for at least 30 seconds at a time. This habit can help you reduce eye strain. Lack of sleep can contribute directly to blurry vision. Use blue-light filter options on all screens, if available, during the evening.

  1. Use proper lighting

Eye strain can be caused when lighting conditions are either too bright or too dim. Try to place light sources in a range that allows eyes to be comfortably open without any problem. Other than the above, you can use aromatherapy, proper eye exercises, and meditation to calm your eyes and keep them in good health.




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