The Battle: Gaming Headset vs Consumer Headphone


How many headphones are now sold on the market? I believe no one has a single clue of the exact number as they are countless and probably over a few million. We can basically categorize them into three major segments: studio headphone, mainstream headphone and gaming headset. 

In the current consumer market, although studio headphone provides the best sound quality, the price is not friendly enough for regular users as they can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, the primary forces that are active in the market are the mainstream headphones such as the Bose Quiet Comfort and gaming headset like the SOMiC G805. If you are selecting one from these two categories, the comparison we will make here below is going to help you extensively in many aspects.


Mainstream headphones are usually considered to be more in style and fashionable — for instance, Beats. By Dre created one of the most powerful fashion trends in headphones, and Hollywood celebrities have endorsed this product for its design. The crowd also praised Sony’s noise-canceling over-eared headphones because of their simple yet elegant appearance.

On the other hand, gaming headsets’ designs are usually focused on a futuristic, aggressive, or industrial design to complement the competitive gaming functions. For example, the SOMiC G905 employs a dynamic graphic on the side of the headphone to represent a feeling of empowerment; meanwhile, their G941 takes a futuristic product design to imply its powerful functions.

Sound quality and listening experience

Mainstream headphones usually have an extended list of options for users to choose their preferred audio style, for it to be vocal, classic, bass and many more. Such options are favorable for music listeners as they can fit different songs flexibly as well as provide a pleasant listening experience for a longer period. 

Gaming headsets also strive for offering some of the best sound quality. Though it is not as adjustable as mainstream headphones when listening to music, the headset can considerably improve the performance of gaming sound. Virtual surround sound is one crucial feature that separates gaming headsets to the other two categories. Gamers can use this feature and identify the location of enemies before they appear in their sights. Check out SOMiC’s headsets and see how directional sound can provide you with massive advantages, particularly in first-person shooters like APEX Legend and Rainbow Six Siege.

Besides the virtual surround sound, SOMiC’s G805 also contains three professional pre-set modes to adapt to other games like League of Legends and PUBG. For those who like playing these games, that’s arguably the most suitable headset for you.

Special Features

Active noise-canceling, built-in intelligent voice command, and phone control are some of the unique selling points of a mainstream headphone. These innovative features massively increase the accessibility of the headphone and compliment the music listening experience.

For most gamers, especially those who play multiple-players games, communication is the key to winning the battle. Therefore, a great mic that grants clear voice chat ability is a must for everyone. A quality detachable or built-in mic provides convenience for players, unlike any other regular external mics. Due to the size differences, a standard gaming mic may block a portion of the screen while playing games. A headset with a light and small removable mic can pick up your voice clearly without taking any space.


Mainstream headphones are good for listening to music, and most of the time, solely good for this function. Their compatibility can be very poor and do not deliver an impressive experience for gamers.

On the other side, universal compatibility is a strength for gaming headsets. The extra detachable mic is also useful from time to time when you need it for different situations. A good gaming headset, such as the one from SOMiC, can have more extended applications in your life than the mainstream headphone. It can serve you equally well with your portable, home and gaming set up.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the right direction in selecting the segment and product you need! Lastly, do not forget COMFORT as one essential criterion for headphones and headsets. SOMiC offers the best experience in this aspect for gaming headsets from my own experience while Sony and Bose do great in the mainstream categories. As gaming usually lasts for over an hour for each session, this point is particularly important for an enjoyable experience. Try SOMiC’s headphones out, and I am sure you will like it as I do.  




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