What are The Improved and Key Features of Kodi 18.6 Leia Version?

You must have got the news that Kodi 18.6 has been released recently. If you have been using Kodi for a long time, it is apparent that you are aware of the pros and cons of the app. You may have questions when it comes to the latest version of Kodi 18.6 and what is new. Another question like how to upgrade your present version to the new one and what you should do in the event of an issue. Last but not least, you will be eager to know about the skins and addons that you can use with your latest Kodi version.

Get all your answers from the expert Kodi community online

This post will help you get all your answers to the questions above. This latest version has more than 500,000 new codes, and this means that it did go through a large number of changes. Note that Kodi is a stable app, but like all software, problems can arise. In case, you face issues while upgrading Kodi, make sure to refer to a credible troubleshooting guide that has been compiled by Kodi experts. They have laid down common problems as well as their solutions online. You can get them from forums or type in Kodi troubleshooting tips on Google to get an insight into the instant fixes you can apply to your Kodi app when you attempt to upgrade it to the latest version.

When it comes to the Kodi addons and skins for the new version, make sure to check the official Kodi repository for them. You will also find many expert articles on the best addons and skins for 2020, written by Kodi users. You can refer to them to know about the top of the best Kodi addons and skins that you can install for your app. However, though you might go through recommendations and tips, make sure to determine what you are searching for. For instance, if you are fond of movies and music videos, opt for the best addons that give you your preferences.

Likewise, if you wish to save time and effort when it comes to installing addons and skins, choose the Kodi Builds that give you a stunning range. Go through them, and if you have already used Kodi 17 Builds, it is apparent that you already know what they mean and how you should install them. If you are new to Kodi, you should always brush up your knowledge a little with helpful articles and video resources online that have been made by Kodi experts to help you as a newcomer.

So, what are the new features in Kodi 18.6?

The following are the new features that you can enjoy on Kodi 18.6-

  1. Retro gaming and support– Kodi 18.6 supports retro games, and you can now make use of several emulators that operate these retro games. To improve this experience, Kodi will support fresh input types that include joysticks, gamepads, and more, for you to begin with the games as well as the emulators on Kodi 18.6 you have to open the “Games” category that is on the main menu. You need to install one of the emulators that are supported on the platform. You will not find many options, but there are just enough for you to begin. The developers of Kodi have stated they are still working quite hard on the feature, so be sure to check for information online when it comes to using it.
  2. Improvements have been made to the UX and the UI of Kodi- If you are launching Kodi 18 Leia as a newcomer, you will find an interface that looks familiar. There are just some small changes that have been made, and almost all the features look the same as the past versions of Kodi. There are some changes that you will find on the settings menu of the app. The grid still is present along with reorganized groups in the settings. In short, if you have been using Kodi for a long time, you will be able to find all the groups that you are used to, except they have been shifted around a bit in the new version.
  3. The support for playback and audio has been enhanced- The team at Kodi have improved the support for both 4K and 8K media videos with HDR and other supporting technologies. There is wider support for other codecs. Kodi has optimized the GPU and CPU of the user so that all of the above features can operate without hassles at all. You will also find the support for Blu-Ray has been improved to a large extent when it comes to the metadata and the disc retention. It has introduced more codecs for playing 3D videos, and Kodi now supports files like DirectSound, Darwin, ALSA, PulseAudio, OSS, and more.
  4. Use and control your music library in an improved way- Thanks to the latest Kodi 18 version, you can import all the music you want to the app along with playlist and other major artwork of music albums. The new music library is a much cleaner and smoother version of the app, and if you are keen on more controls for your music files, Kodi will not disappoint you. This new version has a series of different inputs that you can use without hassles at all. You can deploy several music addons by third parties as well that help you to stream the music instead of storing the files locally.

When you are using Kodi, ensure that you install the best VPN for the dark web so that you can effectively stream media without the fears of an ISP tracking you. Moreover, the VPN will give you a smooth streaming experience that is safe and private as well. Last but not least, check out the best 2020 Kodi addons for the new version online so that you can install the ones that suit your preferences and enjoy the Kodi experience to the hilt!

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