Eyelash treatment methods you can perform by yourself

Taking care of your eyelashes is not an easy task. We know that. This is why we decided to provide you with a list on eyelash products, which are going to make your eyelashes look perfect. These few advices, are going to make your eyelashes look perfect.

First of all, for most of us the most important eyelash function is to highlight your eyes. We want them to be like the curtains in the window. Today we talk about what can be done to nourish your eyelashes and extend their “life”.

Eyelashes reach a length of 8-12 mm and there are 150-250 of them on the upper eyelid and 6-8 mm in the amount of 50-150 eyelashes on the lower one. The hair growth cycle lasts several months (2 to 4) and is divided into 3 basic phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. The main and most important task of the eyelashes is the protection of the eye. They catch dirt particles, dust and small insects. Therefore, eyelashes are worth taking care of and not only for the sole purpose of increasing your physical attractiveness.

Eyelash oiling

Castor oil has long been said to be an excellent eyelash care agent. Furthermore, you can also use other oils, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Their task is primarily to nourish the hair follicles and restore eyelashes lost elasticity, mainly  thanks to fatty acids and vitamin E. Unfortunately, these oils often irritate the conjunctiva because they run down the eyelashes. An alternative solution for liquid oils is a solid form so to speak, which is not going to irritate them. There are many examples of such a blend of oils like Alterra lipstick. Yes, mouth lipstick can work perfectly with eyelashes too.

We can apply it to the lashes with the help of a washed brush from mascara we used before rubbing the brush on the lipstick or we apply lipstick on the tips of the index fingers and smear the product from the into the eyelashes. The motion is like you would want to lift them up or curl them. Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after the process. The activity is best done in the evening, when we no longer apply eyelashes. We don’t have to worry about flooding the eye. For the most sensitive eyes to nourish eyelashes, we suggest using ointments. The best is a sterile eye ointment which contains retinol palmitate, solid and liquid paraffin, wax and white petrolatum. The ointment base should be petroleum-derived. It should be noted, that these ingredients do not cause irritation and allergies.

Furthermore, it should be noticed that many cosmetic brands offer eyelash conditioners. These products not only nurture and nourish hair, but also stimulate their growth. They include numerous substances that have a beneficial effect on both eyelashes and hair follicles: hyaluronic acid – provides an adequate level of hair hydration, glycoproteins – stimulate the hair follicles, biotin and vitamin B12 – prevent hair loss, nanopeptides – accelerate and lengthen the eyelash growth phase, panthenol-vitamin B5 – supplements and renews the eyelash structure, increasing their elasticity, plant extracts – have antioxidant properties, they moisturize and regenerate hairs. The nutrients in which the substances used in ophthalmology are amazing. It is a derivative of prostoglandins and is a component of eye drops for lowering increased intraocular pressure in chronic glaucoma. Of course, a lower concentration is used in nutrients. A side effect is the stimulation of eyelash growth, increasing their number, length, improving thickness but also strengthening their condition and deepening the natural color. Prostoglandin derivatives lengthen the phase of active hair growth (the so-called anagen phase), while delaying their loss. Therefore, eyelashes reach a spectacular length. The effectiveness of these preparations is so high that they are used by people after chemotherapy and those who fight baldness. When hairs go through their “life” cycle (the catagen and telogen phase), eyelashes return to their original appearance. Hence the conditioner must be used constantly. In addition to wonderfully long eyelashes, side effects may occur as with most medications, such as: conjunctival hyperemia itching, inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva, burning sensation and eye irritation, lacrimation, blurred vision effect, headache, increased pigmentation of the iris and skin around the eye socket.

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