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As far back as 2010, Watchcric has been the home of the best sports streaming in the world. Hundreds of games have been streamed from various leagues, and most cricket lovers probably know something about this website. It has been the pinnacle of decent and affordable streaming for close to a decade now, and it has matured to become a fan favorite. I remembered growing up with this website, and now that I am much older, I wonder what else is out there.

I scoured the internet, and I finally found websites that were worthy of becoming possible alternatives to the website that we all know and love.

Watchcric: Top 3 Alternatives

Geo Super Live

Geo super Live is an online streaming service that is native to Pakistan and is touted for providing high quality sports content every day of the week. Since the service is originally native to Pakistan, there are several restrictions to proper viewing, but if you aren’t opposed to streaming full matches on YouTube, then the channel should suit you just fine.

Since the ICC is already here, It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to stick to this service for the time being. They have excellent commentary, and they always deliver.

Mobilecric – Top alternative of Watchcric

Mobilecric is another iconic website that has attained quite a reputation over time. It is a relatively modern website, and as such, it comes with all the modern amenities that are expected from any half decent website. The site has numerous articles on the importance of cricket and how popular it is. It also has some statistical overviews and pieces about extraordinary individuals.

They provide live streams of relevant matches like the world cup and other matchups between prominent teams. Their servers might not be as reliable or fast as Watchcric, but they do provide relevant and accurate analysis and articles about the current state of affairs.

Cricinfo (Livescore)

Cricinfo or ESPNcricinfo to be exact is a cricket themed website run by ESPN. They provide jaw dropping details and updates on matches as they happen, and they are incredibly accurate. They are not limited to a specific league, and their fan base seems to span over multiple countries and nationality. They’re the next best thing if you cannot be physically present to see the match or catch it on tv. They have a mobile app, and they provide outstanding and analytical assessments about the direction of the game and sport in general.

The website also features a different side that comes with articles that border comedy or satire. It is relatively easy to navigate through the website and get fully immersed in the ecosystem.


Although the last website wasn’t quite what we set out for, it’s very much close to the real thing. The other two are practically replicas of the original site and have the potential of developing such a large fanbase if they do not already have them. They both provide HD content about our favorite stars and the world cup in the comfort of our own home. They’re suitable in every sense of the word and can definitely serve as practical alternatives.

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