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As a cricket fan, a platform like Smartcric that shares all you’d like to know about past and upcoming games is all you need. For clarity purposes, however, it’s essential to underscore that such a platform should cover cricket updates, live streams, opinions, statistics, and everything else about the game. How about those little cricket world commotions, controversies, player lifestyles, retirements, and new deals? Of course, all these are fundamental characteristics of a dependable and comprehensive cricket news website.

In all these, live updates cannot be overlooked. Such could be availed through text, audio, or videos. Yes, it should be the kind of a website or mobile app you can rely on when you’re late for a tournament, and you’d like to get live updates about it. A cricket website is, therefore, a total fail if it doesn’t meet the expectations of its target audience. And users would be justified to switch to competing apps and websites that offer the services they need.


While some websites choose to limit their coverage to a specific city or country, Smartcric offers updates on cricket from across the world. They disseminate news about cricket, publish recent updates in the cricket world, and provide opinions. That’s not all for Smartcric. The website also highlights cricket world controversies surrounding the players, tournaments, cricket investors, and the sport’s management bodies. You will get easily smartcric live score from the website and app.

Moreover, it provides live updates, including live streaming options on both desktop and mobile. The services are available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more. Their focal selling point is simplicity. With just a few clicks a user, whether visiting the website for the first time, would access games and other functions.

Fans love Smartcric because, in addition to providing updates on international cricket matches, they also cover local leagues.

What Types of News Does Smartcric Website Cover?

For sure, Smartcric has cut a niche for itself. The website’s ever-growing popularity isn’t for nothing. They put in work to update their visitors on almost everything cricket, including games, players, player stats, investors, and more. From prodigies to new signings, transfers to teams, tournaments to expert opinions, this site covers it all.

Their news on the above is not only insightful but is also timely for both cricket fans and aspiring players. So, if you’d like to know what your fellow cricket players are up to, which team is signing, or which games are on the chart for the month, Smartcric gives it all to you under one roof. The fact that they stick to relevant and up-to-date information has raised their website’s reputation and increased their website traffic at a high rate.

Top 3 Smartcric Alternatives

As you’d expect, it’s not just Smartcric that offers cricket news.

There are many others. Not all of them are good enough. A good number of them, although offering exceptional services, including live streaming, are quite limited in scope.

User experience is also wanting in some of these websites. They’re not offering what you’d expect in a professional sports website.

So, we chose to share some alternatives to Smartcric, keenly analyzing their user interface, functions, and timeliness in posting cricket updates.

1. Sportsala

Whether you’re looking for an alternative website because the Smartcric website is down or you just want to try out something new, is a viable choice.

The website offers recent cricket updates from across the globe, including live scores, player news, and match predictions, among several other important updates. Their cricket news updates are pretty diverse, covering as much as possible about international tournaments, series, players, local leagues, and more. Their website is quite simple, with nothing much shrouding your navigation, thus allowing you to access information with ease.

2. Cricket World

If you’re the type who delights in comprehensive websites, is your go-to platform for cricket news.

The website offers a lot on cricket, including news, live streams, fixtures, photos, and cricket betting. Should you be interested in reading about cricket during your free time, Cricket World also has a newsletter subscription for users. Even though they display a lot of information on their front page, it’s been designed in such a way that it’s still easy to spot valuable links that will help you access the information you need.

3. ESPNCricinfo

From the name alone you can readily tell that the website has something to do with ESPN, the renowned sports website. Yes, ESPNCricinfo was developed by ESPN India as one of their channels for sharing information about cricket. It has grown to become the world’s most visited and most loved cricket platform. Besides offering real-time news, they also boast of a robust stats database and amazing functions to help you access useful information. ESPNCricinfo is a one-stop shop for cricket news, live streams, and tournament updates. They cover several series, including the world cup, IPL, ICC Women’s Championship, and several others.


On matters cricket, everyone knows what they’re looking for. A cricket fanatic would want a very comprehensive website like Smartcric that offers information about the game. For them, it’s not just about text, but also about the ability to watch cricket live on the go.

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