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Crictime is one of the biggest cricket streaming website in India and perhaps the world. Like most online sport streaming services, the price of using their premium services is maneuvering through hundreds of ads. Aside from the occasional barrage of imposed ads, this site is pure gold.

They have several servers that all stream HD contents for those that are interested in the fanfare and the camaraderie of the cricket world cup. There are about six servers dedicated to every single game so that people from all over the world can stream the game without fear of delays and stutters. Provided you have a half decent network provider or Wi-Fi, using this website should be relatively easy and enjoyable.

Truthfully, the website’s interface could be less choppy and not so ad-filled but if you don’t mind clicking a couple of times then canceling out your tab every time then this site is the right for you. They follow all 47 matches and is available worldwide.

Crictime Official Website

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Crictime is limited might have more servers than most, but they are no match for the crushing force that is all of India and quite possibly the world. If we desire not to completely take down our favorite cricket streaming service on such a momentous occasion as the kick-off match of the world cup, then we must consider suitable alternatives to the mammoth streaming service.

Top Alternatives

I know that most die hard cricket fans simply don’t want to hear it, but we have to look for our cricket jollies somewhere else for now. We can return before the world cup is over, but for the first few games, it’s best to stay off the site for now.

I’ve judiciously scoured the internet, and I am proud to finally introduce alternatives to one of the best streaming service that I have ever used.

Gazi Tv Live

Gazi Tv Live shouldn’t be confused with any of the other Tv stations in the Gazi family. This usually includes GTV and Gazi Tv. Gazi Tv live is not their streaming service or anything of that sort. It’s simply just a website that contains links that lead users to other third-party websites on the internet where the match they wish to view is readily available and waiting. It is quite difficult not to associate all three platforms to the same company but they have aptly denied all relations to other sites in the Gazi sphere and subsequently claim no responsibility for the action or content that they provide. Gazi Tv is a Bangla website and should be welcome to all Indians and cricket enthusiasts all over the world during this critical time. They have a spectacular social media presence, and you should check them out on YouTube.  They boast of an ad free experience, and I might actually be considering switching over to their service to watch the upcoming world cup matches.

Ten Tv Live

Ten Tv Live is one of Pakistani leading sports channels. The channel is available on satellite television and provides international sports contents such as football matches and wrestling matches. They have a large pool of sports to choose from. The channel is available to a closed circuit of users that live within Pakistan and other neighboring countries, and that is where Ten Tv streaming comes into the mix. It’s an online variation of the much adored Ten Tv Live Streaming.

It is a YouTube channel that allows all lovers of their primary channel to hook up and experience all that Ten Tv Live has to offer without necessarily being in front of their television. With the YouTube channel, you can join the thousands of Ten users and enjoy upcoming sports events such as the cricket world cup.

As long as you have a stable internet connection, there is no reason why you can’t stream all 47 matches of the world cup from YouTube if you want. It’s YouTube after all, and I daresay there they have one of the fastest servers in the business so you should have a delay-free, buffer-free experience.

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The world cup on Crictime

With the commencement of one of the most anticipated matches in the world cup just hours away, people are brimming with the excitement at the ceremony of it all. It’s not every day that you get to see the big dogs face off against each other. The pressure is on -colonizer vs. colonized- there is truly no limit to what to expect from this historic matchup.

We would have loved to see Scotland in the world cups. After all, they were so thorough in their domination of England in the tournaments, but since they didn’t make it this year, we can only mourn their absence and enjoy the matchups that we do have lined up.

This year’s contestants are rather sparse and have everybody crying out in outrage, but since we have no real say, we are just going to have to manage and cheer on our proud national team.

Regardless of how slim the pickings are this year; the pressure is still on. As cricket lovers, we must simply witness the magnificence that is to come, and that is why we must seek alternatives to the leading cricket streaming website.

 As buggy as the site is, surely there can be no other replacement for something so traditional and widely accepted as Critime. It has been our resident cricket website, and I must say that I have grown rather fond of them.  But we have to be realistic about our expectations and requirements. Crictime, like every other website on the internet, is limited.


With the cricket world cup 2019 a few hours away, as cricket lovers, we cannot afford to be picky with the options and offers before us. This means that we should exploit all the potential sources without thought, and it doesn’t really matter if they are technically just a YouTube channel more or less. The love of the game should trump all biases and reservations and besides a YouTube channel is bound to get less cluttered up by incoming traffic. Who knows, we might end up liking these channels better than the real stuff. I know it’s an impossible thought to most, but let’s do the right thing and save our beloved website for future matches.

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