Use Pruning To Transform Your Wild Jungle Into A Pleasant Arboretum


Let’s suppose that you have purchased a piece of property that you intend to make your new home. It’s a great location for your work and the kid’s school, and the existing house is in pretty good shape, with some renovation it will be more than suitable for your needs. It’s all wonderful, except for one thing- the garden. At this point calling it “a garden” is really just a euphemism, long ago it may have actually been one, and probably a nice one at that, the trees and shrubs might have been beautiful at one time, but decades of neglect by the previous owners have stripped it of the title. What you now have surrounding your house is a jungle, a tangled patch of untamed wilderness that even your usually adventurous kids hesitate to explore! It’s a natural disaster, and you have to admit it’s really too much for you to take on without some help.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about the problem! Just contact tree services in Northern Beaches for some expert help, they have the tools and talent to tame the worst suburban jungles imaginable, and transform them into nice, tidy places that you can be proud to call “my garden”! They will clear out all the weeds and wild growth, and prune those unruly trees back to arboretum neatness. You never want things to digress into such a sorry state again, so that means doing some maintenance. Today we will have a look at the value of pruning, your key to keeping your reformed jungle looking like a lovely garden for years to come.

Cutting living branches out of trees may sound counter-intuitive, how could this be something that’s good for the tree? It may help to imagine it as giving your tree a haircut, without proper care hair can get snarly and unruly, it looks terrible, and can even lead to health problems. With pruning, you are trimming damaged ends and snarls, and improving the overall look of the tree by removing unnecessary, unsightly branches. You look and feel better after a good haircut, and so does your tree. In fact, pruning actually improves your tree’s health, and here’s why:

Pruning Promotes New Growth- By removing unattractive or unhealthy excess branches your tree can direct more necessary resources like water and nutrients to other, preferred parts of the organism, which will then have the power to create new growth. By giving your tree proper pruning, you are improving its health, making it more attractive, lusher, and vibrant. In other words, pruning makes your tree feel good, just like that nice haircut did for you!

Pruning Prevents Disease – Dead or sick branches can infect the entire tree, regular pruning can help prevent the spread of parasites, powdery mildew, and other nasties by simply removing them. You and your tree will both feel better!

Gardening is a beloved national pastime in Australia, check this link for more good advice on the subject. 




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