Effective Steps for Trimming and Pruning a Tree to Making It Neat and Strong


Pruning helps the trees for looking attractive and also makes them strong. Damaged branches are removed for allowing new growth of the trees. Thus pruning helps in creating distinct shapes and when you do the process correctly, you will not end up damaging trees.

Decide What and Why to Prune

Are you going to prune the trees for their height or the shade? If your trees are pruned recently, you should be careful about your process. Before pruning activities, you should consider

  • Pruning in winter will improve the growth during the spring. If you have decided to prune during summer, the growth will be slow.
  • If you want to remove dead wood or do light pruning activities, you can do that anytime. But if you have larger goals like slowing growth or shaping your tree, you should plan accordingly depending on the seasons.

Assess the Tree and Identify Major Branches 

Assessing the tree properly will help in identifying major branches. The skeleton of the tree including the major branches should be avoided while pruning. Make sure you are removing the branches which have shown signs of damage after a major storm or any other natural calamities.

Prune the Obstructions and Thin Out 

You should remove the branches that are growing inwards and creating an obstruction in the growth. Higher branches may also provide obstructions in the telephone wires or may overhang your house. Real Tree Trimming & Landscaping Naples of Naples suggests that you remove only those branches that are creating annoyance in your walkway.

Cut the Branch from the Underside 

The cut should not go all the way within the branch and should be cut from the underside. This cut will prevent the branches from cracking or going loose

When the cut is made from the sides, they are known as the stem collars. You should not cut flush with the trunk and let the collar as it is.

Cut the Branches Several Inches 

After the initial cut, you should go further deep inside. The deep cut in the trunk will help in removing the branches from the specific area, leaving behind the stub.

Remove Stub

As per Chiang Rai Times, a precise cut will be required for removing the stub. You should cut just against the stem collar for giving the chance of healing. Make sure you are not cutting off the branch collar. For professional guidance, you can visit 

Clean Your Equipment 

Though it is not possible for disinfecting your equipment every time you are using them, you should clean off the tools after cutting any diseased tree. You may rub alcohol or can use a disinfectant cloth before you move for cutting the next healthy tree. Tree diseases are generally spread through dirty pruning equipment.


Trimming or pruning of trees is required for maintaining the shape of the tree, by keeping it healthy. You should follow the above-mentioned steps while pruning your trees. Always make sure that your pruning equipment is clean before moving on to the next tree for cutting activities.


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