For Safety All Around When Driving – Install a Dash Cam


So many traffic accidents occur all around Australia particularly in the Sydney area and when the police are called out, it’s one person’s word against the other unless there are witnesses who saw the whole thing. In a number of cases, there is a person to blame but nothing can be proven so this particular bad driver gets to walk away from the whole situation. Things are now changing because most insurance companies will reward you with some kind of discount on your insurance premium if you have something installed that can record an accident if it does occur.

I am of course talking about spending money on a dash cam and this is the one thing that can record everything from the front and back and there’s no arguing with this kind of evidence. There are a number of reputable places that can offer you dash cam installation in Sydney and it doesn’t take very long to get one installed. There are a number of advantages to installing such a motorcycle dashcam and car dashcam by a competent installation expert and the following are just some of those.

  • It shows who is to blame –

The dash cam itself has an SD card that records everything on a loop which could be regarded as an intelligent system if an accident does occur, it will have recorded what exactly happened and so the police and your insurance agent can use this hard evidence to make a decision as to who is at fault. It is the perfect eyewitness every single time and its results cannot be argued with.

  • It will save you money –

As was mentioned briefly before, it’s likely that your insurance company will offer you some kind of reduction on your insurance premium if you install a dash cam in your vehicle, and consider advanced options like GPS with dash cam can provide even more benefits. It makes their life easier when it comes to establishing blame and it helps them to judge who pays for what and how much.

  • You can add a reverse camera –

The dash cam itself comes with its own little screen that you can see what’s going on so you can make some additions like a reverse camera and this can help you to fit into those tight places that you normally would find quite difficult. It lets you know how close you are to the vehicle behind you and that just makes parking easier. Not only is it perfect for front collisions but it has a rear recording lens as well so if you find yourself unlucky enough to be hit from behind, everything is recorded.

You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you are involved in a traffic accident and it clearly wasn’t your fault and yet you cannot prove that it is so. Installing a dash cam in your vehicle provides you with all of that proof that you need to show to law enforcement and to your insurance broker as well.




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