Proving the Role of the Trucking Company in a Truck Accident


Truck transportation significantly impacts the US economy and contributes around 8% to the US GDP. Many corporations use trucks as their primary mode of transport for transporting goods. Due to the increase in the number of trucks on the road, the number of truck accidents has also increased.

Usually, the truck driver gets blamed for truck accidents, but they are not always the reason for truck accidents. Following are some of the negligent parties who can be blamed for truck accidents other than truck drivers:

  • The trucking company
  • The cargo loading company
  • Other vehicle drivers
  • Government entity

The role of trucking companies in truck accidents is significant but often goes unnoticed. Trucking companies can directly influence the behavior of truck drivers by asking them to violate hours of service. You can file a lawsuit against the trucking company to claim compensation for your losses. However, it is quite hard to claim compensation from trucking companies, which is why hiring a truck accident lawyer is important.

A truck accident lawyer will conduct investigations, collect evidence, and speak with witnesses to prove the negligence of the trucking company in the truck accident.

Proving the Negligence of Trucking Companies

Proving the negligence of a truck driver is fairly easy compared to proving the negligence of trucking companies. This is because trucking companies’ negligence doesn’t influence truck accidents directly. However, you can still prove their negligence with the help of experienced lawyers.

Truck Driver Hiring Data

Negligent hiring is one of the most common forms of negligence that leads to truck accidents. It takes more skill to maneuver a truck than a car. This is why not everyone can drive a truck. However, trucking companies hire drivers without any background checks due to the demand they have. Some of these drivers could be underqualified for the job, and some might even be drug addicts. Getting the hiring data can prove the trucking company’s negligence.

Hours of Service Data

Hours of service are a set of rules that regulate how many hours a driver can drive in a day or week. Violating these rules can lead to truck drivers being too tired. Drowsy drivers are a threat to other drivers. Sometimes, trucking companies will ask drivers to violate these hours of service rules to make more trips or deliver goods sooner. This violation can lead to accidents.

Truck Maintenance Record

Regular maintenance is very important to keep the truck in perfect condition. Any mechanical error can make it much harder to control the truck. Trucking companies should do regular inspections to find out about any potential defects in the truck and fix them. Failure to do this can be considered negligence. For accidents caused by mechanical errors, truck drivers should be held liable.

Final Thoughts

Truck drivers are not always responsible for truck accidents. Trucking companies have a significant role in causing truck accidents. Taking action against trucking companies is not an easy task, which is why you should hire an experienced truck accident lawyer.




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