Understanding the Evolution of Reel Mowers from Manual to Fairway

Have you ever tried hands-on turf mowers at home that are operable manually at domestic gardens? These are the very basic models of reel mowers comprising a long history of around two centuries. Along with technology evolution, they become more efficient & convenient to operate. Currently, two kinds of mowing devices are trending in our market i.e.

  1. Reel Mower
  2. Rotary Mower

A rotary mower is also high in demand, but when it comes to attaining perfection in a turf mowing job, nothing can match the quality of reel mowers. The mowing devices get their names on the basis of blade extensions. A reel mower has a cylindrically shaped extension equipped with the helical structure of multiple blades that can be 3-5. When the machine moves forward, it revolves and trims your grass with a precise level of perfection. The basic model of these mowers is still in trend, but many advanced models also come to existence that you are going to understand in the article below.

Manual Non-Motorized Reel Mower

This is the very basic version of reel mowers that only require human force to operate. You can hold its handle from behind and roll over the turf. The set of blades in helical structure revolves horizontally forward in order to trim the grass at a particular height. This model of mowers is suitable for domestic purposes only because of the limited efficiency. With a single reel, it can only cover a large area, which is the main reason why powerful machinery comes into existence later. You can use it for domestic purposes without any hassle & investment in fuel.

Electric Reel Mower

These mowers are the modern versions of manual models. The design of electric mowers resembles a manual mower. However, the efficiency of working is higher. It requires less human effort. Instead of depending on pushing & pulling with human efforts, the task becomes more convenient because of the electric trim motor. Reels revolve automatically without requiring any human effort. You just need to move the machine where mowing is necessary. Electric motors work much faster, but their efficiency is also limited to domestic gardens and public parks. You need more advanced John Deere or Jacobsen golf course mowers for commercial areas like a large golf course.

Fuel operated powerful fairway reel mowers

The mowers with liquid fuel engines are considered as the most powerful devices available for mowing. Currently, many companies such as Toro, Jacobsen & John Deere are manufacturing various models of mowing devices that support rotary & reel extensions. The demand for reel mowers equipped with powerful engines is much higher because you can obtain the best in class finishing. Rather than a single extension of blades, this equipment supports up to 5 reels at a time. All the extensions run autonomously and work much rapidly as compared to any manual or electric model.

Moreover, the devices like Toro & Jacobsen golf course mowers come with operator seat. There is no need to stand and walk behind. Simply sit on a comfortable seat & drive it just like any random vehicle. The onboard console of this machine has all controls to harness reel blades separately. For the convenience of operators, the companies are introducing these vehicles with cool top canopies.

Apart from mowing equipment, a golf course also needs various other accessories for adequate maintenance. Aerators, dethatchers, blowers, rakes, dressers & sprayers are some essential requirements that you need to buy. All of these maintenance accessories come with a heavy price tag. Therefore, it may be difficult to buy all of them. It is advisable to find used turf equipment for sale from a reliable vendor. They can avail branded equipment working in perfect condition along with a warranty of a few months.

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