Transitioning into a Career in Marketing

Working in marketing is a great field for those who are creative and enjoy working in a collaborative environment. Much of the work is focused on ideas and if you have a creative mind it can be a satisfying choice. With a little planning and effort, you can successfully transition into the field.

Take on Tasks in Your Current Job

Switching careers can be intimidating, but there are ways to make the transition a little easier. Dedicate time to learning on the job. If you have the opportunity to take on some marketing responsibilities at your existing job, you can build your resume before you make the switch. Let your supervisor know that you are interested in taking on these responsibilities. While some employers expect you to stay on your assigned task, many companies encourage you to develop your skills and will encourage your professional growth.

Be Willing to Accept a Job at Lower Compensation

When you are ready to make the jump to a full-time marketing career, you may be starting at a lower level than your current position. Taking a step back can be disappointing. Take it in stride, and know that it is only temporary. With your prior job experience, you are sure to move up the ladder quickly. Being willing to put in your time at a lower level position shows prospective employers you are serious about the transition. If the thought of lower compensation is holding you back from making a career switch, consider some cost-savings moves. Refinancing your student loans to save money can free up significant funds each month. Cutting back on expenses like eating out and impulse purchases will also create room in your budget. The wage gap will close quickly as you move up the career ladder.

Learn on Your Own

Marketing is a career that allows you to showcase your strengths. Because you are transitioning into the career rather than diving in immediately after graduation, you will want to advance in your career as quickly as possible. Proving your worth and value to the company is the way to score promotions. The internet is full of reputable, inexpensive or free, effective training programs, reading materials, and other information that will help you grow in your role. Setting aside time each day to further your education will enable you to take on more responsibility.

Job Hopping is Sometimes Best

Your first job in marketing will be your most challenging to land. Once you are employed in the field, finding new positions will become much easier. If you enjoy your employer and coworkers, it can be tempting to stay where you are. However, to make big moves in your career, you may want to look for employment at another company. You may hit a pay or promotion ceiling at your current job. Whether it is an official policy or just how things are done, some companies move internal employees up through the ranks in a predictable manner. If you are putting in the effort to learn and advance your skills on your own time and are producing quality work, this can be discouraging. Making the jump to a different company can allow you to earn a new title and a significant boost in pay.

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