What Makes A Radiator Trendy


Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. It’s where people take how they look and what they wear very seriously throughout the year. Why is this important? Well, while we tend to think of Italy as somewhere the sun shines every day, Milan is closer to the Swiss alps than it is to Rome. That’s why anyone who ever ventures just outside of Milan and around Lombardy may be surprised to learn that this little slice of Italy is also one of the best places in the world at making radiators.

Designer radiators from Italy are incredibly popular across Europe, and in recent years having a good-looking radiator has turned an everyday household essential into something you have to shop around for.

Without making a meal of things, finding a trendy radiator, be it a designer or budget option, is much easier than you think. In fact, it is so easy I’m going to highlight what you need to know so you can get a trendy radiator without breaking the bank.

Know your materials

The material your radiator is made from must always be the first thing you think about, as it is going to be the primary driver behind price. The overwhelming majority of radiators are made from steel as it is a reliably conductive material and cheap for manufacturers to use. Some may opt for stainless steel just like your cutlery as a design choice, but you should never pay more for a radiator if it is advertised as being made from “premium steel”.

The only way the material usually affects the price is when you buy an aluminum radiator. Aluminum is more expensive to source and build with but does heat up faster than steel. This makes it a better choice for smaller radiators that need to heat rooms quickly, but again, if you didn’t need something fast-acting, steel is your best when it comes to radiator materials.

Know your finishes

Do you know what a silver, copper, and brass radiator all have in common? Neither of them is made from the material they’re named after. They all refer to the finishes (i.e. color) of the paint used to finish off the radiator; although, I can only imagine how expensive a silver radiator would be.

Now, it is important to know about finishes and what would be considered a trendy finish. For example, white on a panel radiator is as standard as it gets, but white on an offset towel rail installed on a dark wall is definitely unique.

The “trendy” finishes to have just now would be anthracite, brass, slate, black nickel, and copper. I highly recommend checking out Trade radiator copper radiators, and their other finishes, to get an idea of what a designer finish on a new radiator looks like.

If you do want to venture outside the box, some radiator stores will custom paint radiators for you. I recommend getting it done by the manufacturer or provider rather than as a DIY job, as you need special paint and don’t want to end up with a streaky-looking radiator hanging on the wall.

Know your limitations

With radiators, less is always more. If you’re going to be replacing a musty old panel radiator with something new, don’t go for a big and bombastic design.

Don’t think of it as though you’re not trying to buy the biggest TV within your budget. You want a radiator that looks the part. Always take into account the space you have to work within, what the heating requirements for a room are, what type of heating system you have, and what else sits on the wall.

Wall placement is especially important if you’re looking to make the switch from horizontal radiators to vertical radiators or towel rails. You want to make sure the wall can easily take the weight and that it doesn’t interfere with any existing furniture or wiring behind the wall. There’s nothing as untrendy as having a new radiator that won’t fit. For anyone with a small living room, I suggest you read this recent article on How To Make The Most Your Small Home.

Finally, go for a radiator that you think will fit in with the room. You may be tempted to choose a striking and unique-looking radiator because it’s so different, but this is a household item you’ll be spending at least the next ten years looking at every day, so choose wisely!


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