Transforming Your Apartment on a Budget

When it comes to redecorating an apartment, creativity is key. When working with a smaller space, it’s important to plan your designs strategically to avoid overcrowding the space and overspending — renovations can eat up your finances if you’re not careful, after all. When done strategically, however, any space can become your own personal sanctuary.

With the help of a few tips and tricks, you can transform even the smallest of spaces that reflects your lifestyle and your own unique flair.

Establish Your Redecorating Budget

Before you start browsing the internet for inspiration, it’s important to know how much you can afford to set aside for your project. Creating a decorating budget can help you plan and stick to multiple goals, and if there are multiple rooms you’re hoping to revamp, a defined budget will give you the opportunity to prioritize your spending and lay out an estimated time of completion.

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Find a Deal on Furniture

Furnishing your space will often take up a large chunk of your decorating budget, but there are ways to spend effectively and save money along the way. There are plenty of resources available for inexpensive furniture that can be found online. This avenue saves you the time and energy you would normally spend visiting furniture shops and looking for sales. Additionally, there are often liquidation or auction sales with gently used furniture that are available to bid on.

Go Antique Hunting

Chances are your city or town has at least one antique shop, and it’s most likely full of unexpected gems. When you want to add character to your apartment without overspending, finding vintage pieces can add charm without adding to your budget — whether it’s a lamp, a framed photograph, or even a rug to add depth and warmth to the space.

Be Your Own Painter

If you’re not pressed for time and you have the basic skills, painting the space yourself will save you a ton of money. If you’re working with multiple rooms, make a plan to work on a designated space each day. There are inexpensive interior paints available, each with their own benefits. If you plan on adding accents to your walls, selecting a neutral colorwill allow for more customization with your decor. If you’ve got leftover paint, you might consider revamping your existing furniture for an inexpensive and modern upgrade.

Maximize Your Space

When you’re dealing with limited space, cultivating storage is key to maximizing its potential. Unnecessary clutter will make your apartment appear smaller than it is. Consider investing in ottomans, or stacked vintage suitcases that double as storage space. Adding shelving or floating cabinets can help display your possessions while keeping them off the ground. If you’re working with a studio, you’ll best utilize the space with sofa beds that can be transformed back into a sitting area, in the event of company.

Changing your living space to suit your needs is not as difficult as you might think. Redecorating on a budget just takes a bit of initiative. So, get started today!

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