How to choose an orthopedic mattress for a double bed?


Everyone agrees that the bedroom is the main room in every home. Here you can completely relax, relieve fatigue and forget about the fuss. In order for the rest to be full of pleasure and bring maximum benefit, it is necessary to seriously approach the arrangement of the sleeping place. Only a competent choice of bed and mattress will allow you to fully appreciate all the benefits of a comfortable stay also best for stomach sleepers.

Choosing the right mattress for a double bed

It has long been proven that a person spends a third of his life in a dream. During rest, the body actively processes the information received during the day, gains strength, and accumulates energy. Our well-being, level of performance, mood directly depends on the quality of sleep. We all know about not the most pleasant consequences of lack of sleep: a broken state the next morning, irritability, lack of strength. A responsible approach to organizing a sleeping place will help to avoid such a situation. Let’s say you’ve already looked after a suitable double bed. What about an orthopedic mattress?

The modern market offers a wide variety of models, in which an inexperienced buyer can simply get confused. At first glance, mattresses differ from each other only by the manufacturer and design. In fact, there are much more differences:

  • filling materials (natural, synthetic, combined);
  • the degree of firmness (hard, moderate, soft mattresses);
  • device type (spring, springless );
  • standard / double-sided models.

Consider the main criteria for choosing a mattress for a double bed in more detail:

Spring mattresses. Recently, most manufacturers have been actively using small springs, which we have seen in older models. Modern springs are much smaller, but their density has increased significantly. The level of comfort of this category of mattresses directly depends on the density of the springs: the higher it is, the more pronounced the orthopedic effect. The type of mattress in question is able to withstand a lot of weight and maintain its original shape even under significant loads.

The degree of hardness. Today manufacturers offer several types of mattresses: hard, moderately hard, soft. The first option is optimal for children, adolescents, and people who prefer to relax on an elastic surface. Hard mattresses are also suitable for those who monitor posture and care for the health of the spine. Quite often, sleeping on hard mattresses is recommended for medical reasons. Moderate firmness is great for double beds, and soft mattresses are generally recommended for older people.

mattress for double bed choose

Cover. The most popular material for making the cover is jacquard, which contains synthetic fibers. The latter gives the material elasticity and makes the design of the mattress more aesthetic. When choosing a product, pay attention to the upholstery and make sure it is breathable. If the upholstery fabric is not removable, it will be problematic to care for the mattress. A win-win solution is a winter-summer cover that allows you to adapt the mattress to the current season.

Double bed size

One of the most important nuances when choosing a mattress is its compliance with the parameters of a double bed. Even the slightest mistake in choosing the size can negate all the benefits of a mattress. The standard size is “euro”, which is 180 x 200 cm. You can also find “royal” standards: 200 x 220 cm.




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