Toyotas recent commitment to help keep the vegan promise

There has been a recent buzz about Toyota Company partnering with HappyCow. If you are vegan, then that must be the best news.

Also, if you are yet to get the gist, this piece is for you.

It has been almost impossible for vegan Toyota drivers over the past to get vegetarian-only restaurants. Point blank, you wouldn’t eat the car seats. Hence, something had to be done urgently.

In response, the Toyota Company partnered with HappyCow, an online platform to help the vegan’s spot vegetarian restaurants in the US. Fantastic deal. You bet.

Yes, I just mean that! With your Toyota vehicle, you can quickly get the nearest vegan restaurants’ directions or even the most preferred cuisines sent in the vehicle’s navigation system.

This is the best part! The Toyota model offers absolutely free trials during the first year of new purchase or lease. At the same time, the Lexus model incorporates up to 3 years of a free trial.

As if all that is not enough, a notch higher, you don’t have to divert attention from the road or involve a brainy activity. Do you want to know how to operate the system? Just read on.

How to operate the new BMW vegan system

The Toyota/Lexus 2020 models have the integration of ‘destination assist,’ which will connect you to a live representative. How?

On the navigation menu, press on the “destination menu.”

That connects you to a live representative who is a command away from acting.

Acting like there is a person next to you, tell the live representative that you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant.  And you are done!

At your comfort, let the HappyCow do what it does by directing you to the nearest vegan restaurants.

Yes, that is it! The Toyota Company, in partnership with HappyCow, will see you through your vegan commitment.

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