Donate blood to improve your health!

The American Red Cross reports that one single blood donation can save up to 3 lives. However, blood donation is as vital to the recipient as it is to the donor. You wonder how? Read on.

Blood donation has been linked with several health benefits to the donor.  That is in addition to the emotional well-being, and the beautiful feeling after saving a life.

I hope as we approach, the month of January, which is the National blood donor month; you will have more reasons to donate blood.

Health benefits for donating blood

1. Stimulates the blood cell growth

Donating blood decreases the number of blood cells and the amount of blood in the body. For that reason, the body works towards increasing the blood levels, which comes along in the production of new and healthier blood cells.  Consequently, boosting the immunity of the donor

2. Reduction of harmful iron

Excess stored iron in the blood leads to a condition known as hemochromatosis. The disorder can be genetic or caused by excess alcohol consumption.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention, hemochromatosis can be treated by removal of the excess blood cells, which can be done through blood donation.

3. Lower chances of heart attack

The American journal of epidemiology suggests blood donation at least once in a year, can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 88%.

Let me explain. High levels of iron in the blood may constrict the blood vessels leading to a heart attack. Consequently, donating blood reduces the iron levels giving the blood an ample room for movement.

4. Anti-cancer benefits

Specifically, for individuals suffering from peripheral heart disease, donating blood can reduce their risks of cancer.

The procedure of drawing blood, phlebotomy, reduce both the mortality risks and cancer risks in the stomach, lungs colon and throat.

5. Free blood check-up

If you would go to a medic solely for a blood check-up, carry along bulks of dollars.

However, if you will have the blood donor tag, you will get a free medical check-up.  You will get to know your blood pressure level, blood type and the cholesterol levels among other health issues.

6. Safety of your liver and pancreas

Blood donation plays a significant role in reducing ailments risks associated with not only heart by as well as liver and pancreas

This is it; by donating blood, you will be reducing excess iron in the blood, which is the leading cause of liver failure, cirrhosis and pancreases-related ailments.

7. Weight loss

To wrap up, if you have been struggling with obesity, you can consider donating blood as a solution. However, blood donation should not be done regularly. Actually, it will be safer if you alert the doctor your main intention of blood donation.

Final remarks

In every 2 seconds in the US, someone needs a blood transfusion.  Blood donation will help save a life, but more importantly, you will reap health benefits too. Stay health by donating blood!

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