Everything you need to know about Fitness trends and myths

It is agreed that what you don’t know can easily hurt you. To our concern of today, what you don’t about fitness can negate your efforts. And who is ready to spend hours exercising with no results?

I am thrilled you are reading this piece, for it will position you in a better place to reap the most out of the exercise. Without further ado, let’s kick-off.

Fitness trends

Keeping up with the latest fitness trends is likely to quicken your fitness journey. But more practically, it promises productive results. I am sure you need the results of your time. Here are some trends you can adopt.

1. Wearable devices

Wearable devices such as watches are becoming indispensable for a fitness journey.

These devices help keep track of the calories burnt, heart rate, and other critical things while exercising.

2. Group exercising

It is much easier to stay committed to your goal after sharing it.

Based on that fact, most people consider forming fitness-oriented groups to keep them committed and psyched up.

3. Virtual trainers

This trend has been the order of the day, especially after the corona pandemic hit.

Getting a virtual trainer, you can exercise at the comfort of your house. also, if you are a stay-home mother,  you can consider hiring a virtual trainer

4. More kickboxing 

Kickboxing is winning the hearts of many trainers and trainees.

It has been attributed with effective results of burning at least 400 calories per day. Hence, recommendable for faster results.

5. More home workouts 

It is no longer the days when one had to hire a trainer or visit a gym.

With the accessibility of YouTube and other fitness apps, you got the luxury of doing it all yourself.

Myths about exercising

These are the most debated issues when it comes to exercising. While some fail to face the bitter truth and live at the comfort of lies, let’s face it!

Myth #1: you can target fat burn

I had to ensure I had concrete facts, for most women wouldn’t agree to this. That follows a documented journal on strength and conditioning, which had 11 people exercising only one leg for 12 weeks.

As much as the only leg was exercised, the amount of fat lost was equal in both legs. That is to say, it is abit impossible to target a specific body part.

Myth #2: don’t exercise on an empty stomach

Due to the much energy lost, most of the trainers will ask you not to exercise on an empty stomach.

However, a published British journal suggests otherwise.  As per the research, your body is likely to burn more calories before you take your breakfast.

Myth #3: fitness comes with pain

It pains the amount of discomfort most people bear just for lack of facts.

Well, I don’t mean a bearable discomfort is not okay. Little or nothing is found at the comfort.

On the flip side, unbearable discomfort or pain may lead to injuries rather than fitness.

Myth #4: heavyweight will bulk you.

 I am not beating around the bush on this point. The fact is lifting heavy weight for women can make you slim.

Facts state that women who lift heavyweight eight times burn two times more calories than people who lift less bulky materials.

Myth #5: Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside

A person running outside experiences a lot of resistance from wind or uneven terrains. Research shows that this surrounding resistance will burn 10 percent calories, unlike when on a treadmill.

Final remarks

You got all the bitter facts on the commonly told myths while exercising. Choose to live a lie or wake up and face reality for better results. Anyway, we wish you the very best.

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