TOP 6 Useful Kitchen Appliances That You Didn’t Know Existed


A lot of smart and useful gadgets have already been invented to ease home care. Some can be purchased in the store, others can be made with your own hands. Consider the most interesting, unusual, and necessary appliances for the kitchen. Perhaps some of them can be used in your own kitchen. However, if this list is not enough, take a look at the Cookingtopgear. There you will find even more useful gadgets.

1. Electronic nose

This device with this fanciful name is a prototype of the natural organ of the human smell. The nose senses the totality of all odors that come from a product or dish and helps determine its freshness.

This is possible thanks to highly sensitive sensors that respond to all volatile molecules, and then provide information about the state of the product. The miniature gadget can memorize and detect up to 500 odors. It can be placed inside the container, and if the dish starts to deteriorate or if there are pathogenic bacteria in it, it will signal.

Such a gadget is necessary for any house: where it is customary to cook for a large family or, conversely, a pot of soup waits for its hour in the fridge for a few days. You can also take the electronic nose with you to the store. So you don’t run into meat or fish that are long overdue in the trash can.

2. Kitchen safe with timer

These stylish bright containers are designed not so much to store sweets as to protect the figure from excess volumes and children’s teeth from caries. If you are constantly eating candy at night, and the children are full of sweets before lunch – put all the goodies in a container and set a timer. You will not be able to open the container until “X hour”. So this is a good opportunity to get rid of the habit of snacking and grab cookies from the table.

Many parents do not use these safes exactly for their intended purpose and close them, such as gadgets, while their child is doing their homework. Multifunctional, stylish, and useful thing!

3. Beverage dispensers

Those who like to invite guests are well aware of how sometimes they get tired of running into the kitchen for extra appliances, additives, and salt. But most often it is necessary to climb into the freezer for ice to have cold drinks for all present and if you know how to do a pat test then you can even see they are cost-efficient.

Beverage dispensers also allow owners to have a good rest. Simply fill the container with the contents, add more ice, and relax for at least an hour. And if you choose high volume dispensers (5 liters), then for the entire evening.

4. Cutting board with electronic scales

This kitchen appliance has a durable coating that cannot be damaged by a knife. But after slicing, it is easy to move shredded products into a lighted circle to determine their weight. An excellent tool for those who are on a diet or are not used to cooking complex dishes “by sight”.

5. Beverage cooler

The electronic appliance is designed for one bottle but is able to operate both from a socket in the kitchen and from the built-in battery. Unlike the primitive ice bucket, this device cools wine and drinks in minutes to the correct temperature set by the control panel.

7. Spaghetti Electric Fork

Funny appliances are most popular with kids, so they are produced in a bright and fun design. The principle of operation of the device is the same as that of an electric toothbrush, only at the end is a regular plug. When the button is pressed, it starts to rotate, gently winding long spaghetti.

All the considered appliances are certainly interesting and significantly ease kitchen worries. But do not over-saturate the house with such things. Choose only those that you will really use often, so as not to turn a cozy kitchen into a warehouse of a mad inventor.




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