Tom Cotton steps back from running for the Republican nomination for 2024


Tom Cotton has been one of the leading candidates for the presidential nomination for the Republican Party for the last few years. However, the Arkansas senator recently shared his plan about not running for president in the 2024 election.

Around midterm election week, Cotton’s pass was a huge surprise. The race for nomination just began to get heated up, and other republicans are making plans for a presidential run, including Trump. At that time, Cotton’s pass comes as a shock not only for the officials but also for his supporters. After Cotton’s decision, Republican candidates seemed divided about whether they would challenge Trump or stand down.

The main reason why Cotton decided to pass the presidential run was because of family concerns. To be more specific, it was about his two sons, who are now five and seven years old. As per Cotton’s statement, a national campaign would have taken him away for a long time, as he wanted to be there for them.

For the last few days, Cotton has been seen sharing his plans with his donor, supporters, and senior Republicans.

Before this shocking decision, Cotton was looking for a national campaign and strongly competing with challengers within Republican Party. Over the last two years, Cotton built an impressive profile of himself to the voters and did backbreaking work for the Republicans. His works include campaigning across midterm candidates across the country, raising $8 million, and a series of New Hampshire and Iowa trips to host nominating contests.

He also expanded his operation by appointing his adviser Brian Colas to the political operation committee from his senate office. The preparation of a national campaign ran firmly and smoothly when he invited his top donors for post-midterm fundraising. However, that plan seems to be on hold after his family concerns.

However, the good news for his supporter is that the senator hasn’t closed that presidential run door permanently. As his boys get older and understand his father’s purpose, he is open to considering future runs. This unusual take from Cotton was praised by many since politicians often crave power and prestige, often more than their own family.


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