Control of chambers is still in doubt as voters are divided by Biden, Trump, and abortion


The midterm election is here, and voters are still confused about their preferred candidates resulting in a split decision. The reason behind this doubt is the dissatisfaction towards both parties, especially towards the men seemingly leading them.

The dissatisfaction is towards both parties as their current or previous work has failed to meet their promises. For Trump, it has always been toxic politics without diversity, tolerance, and sincerity. On top of that, handpicked Trump runners have failed miserably in the midterm, which is not a comforting look for his supporters or voters.

As for Joe Biden, the issue is more about the economic crisis. According to various surveys, most voters are deeply dissatisfied with the financial situation in the country. The economy has always played a massive role in US elections, and the Midterm is no different. But the inflation, unemployment, and gas price rise have led voters towards Republican Party.

This shift of support is coming from the economic crisis and Supreme Court’s rule about abortion. Many voters seem upset with the decision since abortion isn’t a constitutional right, and there will be regulations now. Abbot 60% of participant voters in the survey said overturning Roe v. Wade made them angry. The good news for the Republic party, these dissatisfied people are highly potential to show their support for Republicans.

In most states, voters seem to be confused between abortion and inflation, about the more critical issue. Surprisingly, the results were pretty close in most states. Neither Biden nor Trump was favored by most voters, though their support for the party stayed the same.

In short, this doubt over chamber control is far from over, as people are confused between three sensitive topics. While many people are dissatisfied with the abortion rule and inflation, they are not the most prominent Trump supporter either. As long as the voters count, this doubt and control of chambers hang in the balance.




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