2024 Election for Biden and Trump Is In Doubt after the Recent Performance in 2022 Trail


Midterm election week is here. As a referendum of the current president and his party, the midterm election has raised many questions. The performance from Biden was put under the microscope, which cast doubt on his second presidential campaign in the next presidential election in 2024.

However, the performance from Republicans was no fairy tale either, as Trump too performed poorly as he hit the election trail. So, what those performance blunders are we talking about here? Let’s have a look.

At the end of the campaign week, current president Joe Biden attended a meetup in the Sun Diego district to gain support for his fellow party representative Mike Levin. As an area where the president won by double-digit, Democrats were hoping to pull tremendous support and number. Instead, the comments and speech from the president made things more controversial.

Biden started the first day with a lengthy speech as he awkwardly kept engaging with hecklers. The next day, he mentioned something even more surprising, stating his government would shut down all the plants across the US while shifting to wind and solar energy. This statement from Biden quickly drew backlash even from his party members. Fellow Democrat Joe Manchin stated that this change of stance o important matters is one of the reasons people are losing their trust in Joe Bidden.

While Biden’s press secretary was trying to clarify his remarks, he again went to another support rally for Kathy Hochul in New York. There he was seen engaging with hecklers again.

However, these controversial acts and comments were nothing compared to what Trump said. While Biden was engaging with hecklers and changing stances, Trump seemed eager to trash his party members.

In his promotional campaign and speech, he commented about fellow senator Mitch McConnell, who made fun of McConnell’s Taiwanese-born wife. But, the ranting didn’t stop there as he also trashed fellow Republican governor Ron DeSantis by mocking him as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

Though this wasn’t anything surprising from Trump, it indeed made things impressive from Trump. More than ever, Republicans are focused on looking away from Trump’s race discrimination and racket politics, so their voters are pleased.

So, even after losing both houses and the presidential election, Republicans are pretty hopeful about reclaiming their seats in both houses. However, Republicans have shared their concern about the election result as it can complicate a winnable election in 2024. There is a lot of anti-Trump nominee inside Republicans too.

In the meantime, Democrats seemed determined to take advantage of it if Republicans ended up nominating Trump as their candidate for the 2024 election.

These controversial statements from Trump and Biden raised many questions about their run for the presidency again. While Trump has a lot of work inside his party, Biden’s challenge comes from his age, when he becomes 82 years old after the 2024 election. However, two-thirds of midterm voters voted against Biden running, so he talked about sharing his plans in early 2023.


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