Poor Midterm Election Performance: Will it cost Donald Trump His Third Presidential run?


Midterm elections are crucial for prudential elections as they pave the way for parties to control the houses. While Donald Trump has been planning another presidential run, poor performance from GOP can jeopardize his plan.

If you don’t know, midterm elections decide both chambers of Congress. So whoever wins the midterm election controls the agenda and determines the leading positions of congressional committees.

For those reasons, the midterm election was super important and impactful for Trump. However, after losing the midterm elections under his watch, his substantial influence over Republicans has been questioned by many. Even the losing candidates were directly endorsed by Trump, which brought more negative exposure. Supporters seem to believe Trump had elevated the wrong candidates who did good primaries but failed in the general election.

Trump is expected to announce his presidential run in the coming days formally, and he plans to cement his position by dominating chambers. However, the result went otherwise, and now his potential challengers within the part seem to gain new momentum, including Trump’s most significant rival DeSantis. He arguably picked the biggest win for Republicans in the midterm without Trump’s endorsement.

This poor performance from Trump has led Republic officials to think about the 2024 election strategy again. The midterm loss was Trump’s third election loss in last for years, and supporters and the party are considering whether Trump should still be the face of the party and lead it from the front.

Even Republicans from the same party as Trump have criticized this loss and blamed Trump’s toxic branding for the lackluster loss. While some people want Trump to stand down, some allies urged Trump to delay his presidential run announcement until next week.


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